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Hello everyone

This is @saikat01 from Bangladesh. I hope everyone will well by the grace of Allah. I am also well. Today I am going to share a nft art of a moonlight scenery with you. Let's start.

  • My Art
  • Untitled26_20240424203020.png

  • Ingredients

  • Step -01
  • IMG_4710.png
    • First I entered the Ibis paint x app on my mobile and opened a white page of my choice in 1:1 size.

  • Step -02
  • IMG_4711.png
    • Then I painted the entire page blue and faded the blue in the middle.

  • Step -03
  • IMG_4712.png
    • Then I made light white colored water in the middle, a tea in the sky and the reflection of the tea in the water.

  • Step -04
  • IMG_4713.png
    • I drew a kind of shrub on the right side and a big tree above it and two small trees on the right side.

  • Step -05
  • IMG_4714.png
    • Then, on the left side, I painted the grass-like trees along the water and its reflection in the water, and I painted some grasses below.

  • Step -06
  • IMG_4715.png
    • Then I painted a picture of a sailor in a boat on the river and the reflection of the boat in the water.

  • Step -07
  • IMG_4716.png
    • Then I made many stars in the sky. It doesn't feel good if there are no stars in the night sky.

  • Final Output
  • Untitled26_20240424203020.png
    • Finally I saved my art to my mobile and got the final output of my today's art.

  • The concept of my art.

  • Friends you all know that I am a nature loving person and I always do nature art. Today is no different. Today I did a moonlight scenery art. In my Moonlight Scenery today I did a boat on a river and a sailor on a boat. On the right side I have drawn a big tree and two small trees on a kind of shrubbery. On the left side I made a grassy tree art, I made a big chad art in the sky and made the surrounding of the chad blurry and I made a stigma art on the chad. And I have done all the mirror art in water which makes my art unique. I have art many stars in the sky because if there are no stars in the night sky it does not freeze. I have tried my best to art the image well. Hope you like it.

    CategoryNFT Art
    DeviceIphone 12
    LocationDinajpur, Bangladesh

    So friends this is my today's post. I hope everyone will like it and support me. Mistakes will be seen with forgiveness.

    Thanks all.


    A Moonlight Scenery is so wonderful to see. I am impressed to see it.

    Nice moonlight scenery art, Your paintings and artwork empathize, it is a story to share. You have done well.

    I like your designs very much, so I often download them! Thank you

    Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

    That's art is so beautiful to see the very nice moon. You make the art with spending so many time

    Nice nft art,Thanks for sharing this art.

    The picture gives a complete night feel. It is definitely a beautiful picture.

    Wow you have drawn a very beautiful moonlight scene. I like your drawing very much.

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