💪Friday Trx Initiative//45 trx staking // 🏅[10 % for @tron-fan-club]

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Assalamu Alaikum / Adabah🌺

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope everybody is healthy. I am also very good in your prayers. I am rayhan111, from Rajshahi division of Bangladesh.

Greetings and love to all friends of Tron Fan Club. Today I am going to participate in TRX staking and voting for the third time. Actually, Trx is one of my favorite tokens. So I dream a lot about trx. So I want to learn everything about trx and involve myself in everything about trx. So today I participated in Trx staking and voting for the third time. So I started with 45 trx. I will attend every Friday. This is how I want to reach my goal.


So friends, the steps taken during TRX staking are shown below👇


  • First, I entered my wallet. Entering the wallet, I clicked on the stake option.


  • Then I selected 45 trx from my wallet.


  • Then I entered the receiving account option. There I selected the account and clicked confirm.


  • Then I came to confirm transaction option. There I will see 45 trx and then I click confirm.


  • Then I clicked on confirm with my wallet password. After that, the message "Successful" will appear. I completed staking by clicking on the right option below.
So friends, the steps taken during TRX voting are shown below👇
Finally I completed 45 Trx staking. I am very happy to complete 45 trx staking for the third time. Now to start voting system. Today I am going to start voting for the third time.



  • Then I will vote. For that again I entered my wallet and clicked on vote option.


  • Then in the votes and rewards option I will see 45 votes. Then I clicked there.


  • Then I came to the Quick Voting option. Then I clicked again on the vote option below.


  • Then I came to confirm transaction option, click on confirm option below.


  • Then I clicked confirm with my wallet password.


  • Then I will see Voting Successful text. I completed the voting by clicking Done option below. Thus I completed the vote very easily.


Staking ListAmounts
Before staking80 Trx
Today's staking45 Trx
Total trx staking125 Trx

I am very happy to participate in sticking and voting for the third time. Today I am very happy to be back 45 trx staking and voting. In fact this is how I will participate in staking and voting and I will maintain this consistency. You all pray for me, that I may reach my goal.

❤️💖💞Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post.💖💓


I like your initiative on Friday. You presented it very well. Best wishes for your future.

Thanks for such a nice feedback.

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