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The Tron Fan Club Community is a Community which is based on some specific topics. Tron and Tron Blockchain based activities are the main focus in this community. However, there are a number of topics that can be written here like Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, Smart Contract, Games, Blockchain based Games, Dapp and trading. A community can grow with the quality content of it's users. Hope this community will move forward with good content that will make people aware of the Tron Blockchain. This effort can be a part of improving the Tron Blockchain.

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The winner of the last week of the Power Up Contest Season 5 was @shravana. He powered up 14 steem and had the most power up in that week among other participants.

Post Link: https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@shravana/4vy3al-my-weekly-steem-power-up-powering-up-14-steem-or-or-target-3000-sp

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Another good amount of steem was powered up by @arsalaan in the last week of the power up contest season 5. @arsalaan powered up a total of 227 steem in that season, which made him the winner of Season 5.

Post Link: https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@arsalaan/my-weekly-steem-power-up-or-powering-up-12-steem-or-target-3700-sp-or-10-to-tron-fan-club

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This amazing NFT art of a mysterious bird was created and shared by @mdriart. The bird is looking mysterious indeed. Specially the facial expression of the bird was done amazingly. The bird is looking very angry. And the art creation has been shared nicely in the post.

Post Link: https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@mdriart/3buzja-nft-art-or-or-mysterious-bird-or-or-tron-fan-club-or-or-10-to-tron-fan-club

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This fruit basket NFT art was created and shared by @narocky71. Such simple NFT arts with no context are my personal favorite. Different types of fruits with various colors are looking very nice.

Post Link: https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@narocky71/fruit-basket-art

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This cool NFT art of a angry devil was created and shared by @nevlu123. The design of this devil was done nicely and it looks quite different than other devil designs from similar devil arts in recent times. To me, this devil is also looking like a werewolf which was quite unique. Overall a very nice creation with amazing details.

Post Link: https://steemit.com/hive-183397/@nevlu123/angry-devil-nft-art-10


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Wow. There are the people who created quality post in this week. This is so awesome to see.

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