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Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Hopefully everyone is doing great by the grace of almighty ALLAH. I am also doing pretty well alhamdulillah.

Another Friday is at hand and it's finally time to participate in this great initiative called TRX Friday initiative. Thankfully I've been able to take part in this initiative every week consistently and hope to keep on doing it for a long period of time.

Today I'll be staking 30 trx and will be using those tron powers to vote for the Srs. The transaction of my today's staking and voting is given below...


First let's log in to tronlink pro application and click on stake option.


Now let's select the amount I'm going to stake today and confirm the trx wallet address.


Confirming the staking process via tapping on confirm option.


Now I have additional 30 Tron powers which I can use to vote for the Srs. Today I'll be voting for or will be updating my vote weight for Smart Consenus .

After today's transaction, I've successfully staked and voted over 1850 TRX so far and still willing to go a long way from here.

That's all for today. Hopefully we shall meet again soon in another post. Till then take care and stay safe and secured.


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With regards


Great work bro keep rocking

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