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Hello friends I hope everyone is well. I am much better by the grace of God. Today I am going to make a brand new post among you. Because today's topic is new. Today I will share game reviews with you.


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Because in the world of web 3.0 blockchain games are going to gain a lot of popularity among the people. We all already like to play some or the other game. And who doesn't like to play this favorite game. We couldn't make any income from the games we played before. Just playing for fun. No one could have ever imagined the income that could be made from this game. It has become possible in the world of web 3.0. In the world of web 3.0, it is possible to earn a lot of money by playing games. There are many types of games in the world of blockchain. In some games you have to buy NFT and play it. That NFT has energy, you have to finish that NFT energy at the specified time. When you run out of NFT energy, you are given 6 game coins. You can earn income from them. Your energy will be replenished within a certain period of time after the energy is exhausted. Then again you have to finish the energy. It continues like this STEPN.

We learned some details about NFT games above. In NFT games, you must first purchase NFT. Then you can play. Many are unwilling or unable to afford NFT. But likes to play games. There are many games to earn income for them. He can earn income by playing those games. Today I will talk about a game like that. So let's get started.

The name of the game that I will discuss today Solitaire Blitz .This game is very easy to play. So I shared with you. So let's share some rules and regulations with you.

Card Introduction: -

The rules of the game are very simple. How many cards are inside the game? Almost everyone knows the game of this card. Yet many do not know. These cards have 2 colors. 1 red and 2 black. There are 4 different symbols in this black and red color. There is a gain red in the red card, we call this card "potato" ♥ ". Then there is a red card with four angles, its name is' Kanya "♦ ️ ‌. Now, there are two symbols in black, one looks like the leaves of a tree, we call this card on this side" Chira "♣ ️. Now the second color in black. The card looks like a leaf, the name of this card on our side is "Aspet" ♠ ️.

Brief rules of the game: -

There are a total of 52 cards in this game. The cards are arranged in phases: A, K, Q, J, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. The name A is ace. A card is the biggest of all. Then I arranged the top in stages.

A few games can be played inside this game. I will discuss only one game in this post among you.

First you have to download the game from Playstore. Then you have to open the game. If you open the game, many functions will come. Then click on the place shown in the image below.


Now such an interface will come. Here your opposite party will be added online.


Then such an interface will come.


The chromosome cards will be arranged here. Now some cards will be open here and some cards will be closed. You have to march one by one according to the serial. The one who scores more points between the two will win the game and he will get RLY coin. Will be level up in phases.

Video link to play my game: -

So friends playing this game you can earn RLY coin. This is a good game. Personally I like it. You can also play this game. I am ending here like today. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy and take care of yourself. God bless you.


I am Md. Ebrahim Islam Nahid. Everyone calls me Nahid. I am Bangladeshi. I am an electrical engineer. I love reading books, writing and creating new things. I try to express myself and evaluate the opinions of others.


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Nice review post. I think this is interesting game

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