Osiris Entombed

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Osiris Entombed

a poem

The virulence of a god
is nothing to be
trifled with, and

Osiris entombed
was not a happy

It was from the places
of the most heinous intimacy
with his own god's soul
that the Curses issued forth,
spoke from the barbed-off
pit of his hatred.

He cursed Seth,
so-called brother,
to desecration, to torture,
to dismemberment ---
being torn to fragments,
each useless piece of him
acutely and eternally aware
of its own torment ---

But those Curses thus
uttered in a tomb,
had nowhere to go but
from Osiris's lips
to Osiris's ears.

When after extensive seeking,
Isis finally found the casket,
washed up in a mangrove thicket,

she shrieked
at what was left inside.

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