Dancing Is Love Of My Life


I want to express myself daily, like others i am going through from something daily
There are many ways to express, to release
My way is dancing, i love dancing
With my moves, my world moves.

I am learning balancing aspect of life while dancing, my balance is dancing
Dancing is way of life, shape of life
It gives life to movements, meaning to movements
These movements are fulfilling, refilling.

With every move on my favourite music i am entering into new dimension, musical dimension
Dimension in which i can feel my new self, artistic self
While dancing i am meeting with my emotions, very dynamic emotions
Emotions which ruled me once, i was a slave of these emotions once.

Everyone faces dull time, dark time
Those times when one feel very low, when life becomes slow
In these kind of moments let's dance, release these emotions through dance
Dancing is my life, dancing is love of my life.

giphy - 2020-06-30T165459.074.gif

"This is my original and opinionated work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Thanks and regards,
Chiranjeevi Sarikonda
(Spread Love, Spread Kindness)
Stay Blessed


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