Club5050|| Promoting Power Up Culture|| by @mydreamworld|| 20%payout to siz-official

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Assalamualaikum every one.Hope all of you will be fine and enjoying the good health. Once again Today I am feeling very excited by powering up 50% of my steem wallet .

Again Power Up

Powering up is good for many reasons.
• It will increase my voting power.
• It is a good investment of mine side in steemit.
• It will show my long term devotion to work with steemit.
I did my first 50% power up today.
I had my account value before powering up.

1• First of all I logged into wallet login by using private active key.


2• In steem tab by clicking the mini arrow a drop-down menu apears. Select the Power up option.

3• Next this pop-up menu apears. Add the amount we want to power up.and press the power up option.


4• Next click ok.


5• Here gave my private active key for signing in.

I have successfully power up my account.

After powering up my account status is as..
Many thanks to siz-official and team specially to MR @cryptokraze for guidence and support.
Regards @mydreamworld.
Stay Blessed all

 8 months ago 

Keep it up dear friend and keep build it up of power up.

Steemexclusive : Yes
Bit Bot : No
Club5050 : Yes
Plagiarism : No

thank u sir for encouraging

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