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I want to talk about the importance of vitamin d with your hair there's a huge association between hair loss and low vitamin d levels. let me tell you because right beneath your skin you can see your hair right here but right beneath the skin there is something called the follicle. That's kind of part of the root and on that root area you have sebaceous glands which produce an oil and like a waxy substance that goes into the hair that protects the hair there's also antibacterial things in there. But both the sebaceous gland and the follicle which is right deep in the skin have vitamin d receptors.


Growth Stages of Hair

There are various growth stages of your hair.


This is the new hair growth stage it's the first stage from follicle to the full-grown hair and this stage is dependent on vitamin d and so that follicle that actually is an organ and this little organ underneath the skin has 20 different cell types that regulate the growth of the hair. There's all sorts of hormonal involvement immune cell involvement and certain proteins that help regulate this hair.

Hair Loss Type


A type of hair loss called alopecia which is an autoimmune condition where you have patches of hair falling out there's been a higher level of mutations with vitamin d. I am talking about the receptor for vitamin d it's called the VDR the vitamin d receptor but what happens with a certain percent of the population is they have this variant or this alteration in the vitamin d receptor this mutation that can actually also spread to your offspring as well.


But this mutation doesn't allow a person to absorb vitamin d and so if they're taking the normal amount about getting a certain amount of sun it doesn't work and all of a sudden, they start losing their hair. They should do is take more vitamin d minimally 10,000 IUs of vitamin d but you can take bio salts which can also activate the vitamin d receptor if there's a problem with this mutation. The significance of vitamin d in relationship to your hair and if you are losing hair don't forget about vitamin d.


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