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Hello everyone


  • face pack are necessary for skin does not matter Which type of skin you have face pack make your skin bright immidiatly and and moisturize.
  • When we go outside there is dirt and pollution so our skin pores get clogged for opening them face pack not remove dead skin cells of epidermis but they also penetrate into deeper layer and remove dirt and impurities.
  • when we use oil on scalp it relax our scalp like That face pack make our skin calm and give energy to our skin so Its Look fresh.
  • we know our body mostly consist of water for our body good function so skin also need hydration so keep to skin hydrated drink alot of water use face pack to moisturize and cleanse your skin like cucumber potatoes and other material like this.
  • When our skin is expose to UV rays and hot or cold weather so our skin get damaged so face pack have antioxidant Which protect our skin from Free radicals and make younger


Gram flour1 teaspoon
Yougrt1 teaspoon
Oats1 teaspoon


  • First of all take a bowl and put one teaspoon of the gram flour in it.


Second Step

  • Now add one teaspoon of the oats in this gram flour.



Third Step

  • Mix one teaspoon of healthy home made yougrt in it.



  • Finally mix it very well and then apply on your skin for about 10 minutes and then softly rub it and wash out with cold water and use it twice a week and see good results.



Oats Benfits for skin

  • Any face pack makes skin smooth,soft, shrunken pores makes skin healthy.
    It also promotes skin collagen,makes skin tight,and brighter.
  • It also has good properties for moisturizer 🧴🧴🧴,it has good amount of proteins,lipids, vitamin E, starchy,phenol which help in moisturing skin.
  • For any kind of itchy skin it has properties of anti inflammatory ,so it can be used for itchy skin as well.
    It is also used for removing skin debris ,and so you can skin used it as exfoliators,and scrubber, because it also makes skin glowy.
  • It has amazing property of keeping water in skin so makes skin hydrants.
  • It has also have good amount of flavonoids ,so it's catch up Uv rays,in edition you can use it as sun block as well.
  • It has spooning so you can also use it as cleanser as well.
  • The magical is that you can use it for any skin type,for eczema,acne skin,dry skin.
  • It also improve skin complexion.

Gram Flour

  • It removes tanning of skin.
  • It has good whitening properties and makes skin white if use with consistencies.
  • It remove oily skin and makes skin smooth.
  • It can be used as body scrub.
  • It also used to make skin clear.
  • It patches out extra hair and dead debris from skin.
  • It has zinc properties which remove acne.
  • It also tight pores.
  • It also balances pH of skin.makes skin glowy.

Yougrt Benefits for skin

  • Yougrt is best skin cleanser, exfoliator,and makes skin smooth like honey.
  • Skin elasticity is so much improved by using this if used every week makes skin fine lines to be disappeared.
  • It has good anti anging ,it remove the top layer of skin and that's why using this skin becomes younger.
  • It is good for acne as well.
  • It also promotes growth of new skin cells and remove pigmentation of skin.
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Good one tutorial dear friend you make a very good post thanks for sharing information about skin whitening. It is very informative post.
Keep it up my best wishes for you.
Regards, @faran-nabeel


Wonderful post for skin remedy. We will definitely try it. I hope this method is useful for everyone especially for girls. You have to post to this type of skin remedy more to spread your knowledge with us.
Thanks for this post!

 3 months ago 

Yougart is really good cleanser for skin. It's really effective remedy 👍

 3 months ago 
Wao amazing remedy and I really don't know about the benefits of oats for skin. Thank you for sharing this effective remedy with us because I know the other two ingredients are very effective for skin.



very informative post. And very good remedy for specially for girls

You are sharing good remedy. And I know its really working. because you use very good ingredients.

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