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Today's topic is very interesting it's about how to make Strong your memory or if you have parkinson's disease a neurological disorder how to prevent this disease so here are some vegetables and fruits which are really helpful to prevent this disease and make memory better in elderly people.


I have already posted about in detail of parkinson's this one specifically on certain foods that you should be consuming if you have parkinson's or want to prevent parkinson's disease which involves degeneration of certain neurons in the brain that make dopamine.

then you get a loss of memory you get confusion you get very rigid muscles and you're very stiff everything is slowed down you get tremors and there's a lot of other symptoms so apparently in the brain there is a protein called paris.


i'm not going to give you the long name and the protein paris basically inhibits or stops the protective proteins these other proteins that are supposed to protect the brain against oxidation so normally in the brain you have this whole series of proteins that are supposed to protect the brain against certain degenerative diseases.

paris comes along and stops that protection from taking place so now we have this accelerated oxidation accelerated inflammation accelerated degeneration of certain parts of the brain well.


it just so happens there is another compound that can deactivate paris okay and that's called pharnasol to allow these protective proteins to prevent things like parkinson's and other degenerative brain diseases all right so
farnesol is concentrated in

  1. berries
  2. vegetables especially tomatoes


  1. certain herbs like lemongrass
  2. chamomile rose and musk
    and it's also in an essential oil called citronella so those are the 3 categories.
    of things i would highly recommend you start to consume if you personally have parkinson's.

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Good post dear friend you make a very informative post.
Thanks for sharing information about its.
I really appreciate your work. My best wishes for you.
Remember me in your prayers.
Regards, @faran-nabeel


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