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Hello My dear friend and Steemian 💗💗💗 family

Aim of the Post

This post is mainly to apply for the community guidelines applicants as community purpose is renewed and refined so everyone has to post their specific course regarding their specialty and in which have experienced as IT was never much so untouched subject so I do work on it and then decided to post about this.

My expertise

So decided to make a course I viewed all the Courses of the people then I came to know most of the people educating about different app use.I am using one app name WeChat and it's social media app but it has great features and latest updates coming.I am using this app for long run now I am knew enough can clearly describe features.

My Course Name

"SIZ Approved Course For WeChat Use"

SIZ topics For Future

How to know latest News on Wechat
How to send mega files on wechat
How to make channel on WeChat
How to search 🔍🔍 nearby friends
How to send money on WeChat

I am very much honoured to be part of @siz-official and very much happy 😊❤️ to upload my course.

 2 months ago 

Course Approved.

You can start posting your lectures.

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