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Hello everyone!!! happy new month to you all, wishing you all greater days ahead. However, welcome back to my blog.

Computer is said to be an electronic device because it's created using electronic components, the computer needs to have electrical power to run, this power can come from a wall outlet in form of Ac or Dc current. I will be writing on the components with its function in the computer.



Most electronic devices work on electricity and computer is one of the device. There are components of the computer that function with electricity, these components Include resistor, capacitors, diodes, transistors, intergrated circuit, LED, Opt-isolators, and Relay.

Explaining the components in details, the first component is

Resistor: The resistor is a device that has carbon composition formed by mixing carbon granules with a binder that forms a small rod, it acts as a resistance to an electric current in a circuit.


The function of resistor shows up on computer boards for a known state of off/on signal otherwise known as termination.

Capacitors: The capacitors is a device that consists of two conductors which are near to each other, it has the capability of storing electrical energy.


It function in the computer as the register of a tramission channel that stores amount of information in words which may be bytes, bits or character.

Diodes: The diodes is a device made with semiconductor materials of silicon and germanium, it a specialized electronic that has two terminal known as cathode and anode.


It function in the computer as the rectifier, where it changes the electric current from AC from the wall outlet to DC current for passage in the computer.

Transistors: the transistor is a device which have three terminal that are attached to electrode regions within the Computer. The transistor is the fundamental building block of all microchips which include the CPU (central processing unit).


Its fundamental Function is in the digital world as it creates the binary 0's and 1's (bits) the computer makes use of to deal with Boolean logic and communication. The computer makes use of binary digits because it is considered as a light switch on the wall, that prevents flow of current on 0's state and allows current to flow on 1's state.

Integrated circuit: The intergrated circuit is a chip in which the transistor, diodes, capacitors, resistors and their interconnections are built on that is, the IC is an assembly of electronic components.


It Function as an amplifier, oscillator, timer, counter, computer memory or microprocessor. It serves as a circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer.

LED: The light emitting diode which the LCD has replaced is a device that converts electrical energy directly into light, it emits light when an electric current passes through it. LED'S are small, cheap, and have low voltage and current requirements and long life span.


Its function in the computer is to display numerical and alphabetical characters. It contains diodes that display characters by selectively illuminating individual diode in array, then simply characters are formed on the display.

Opt-isolators: It's a device that allows two unconnected electro circuit to exchange signal by means of an optical link yet the two unconnected electro circuit are electrically isolated. This device also allows communication of digital and analog information over optical fibres.


It function in the computer as a logical implementation getting functions of employing optical switches which makes the computer perform operations in a high speed.

Relays: it's a device that is connected to networking, it opens or closes the communication to cause the operation of the other electric control.


It function in the computer as a means of passing information between two or more network function, each working a similar network function but makes use if different protocol.


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