SIZ Approved IT-Tech Course | Basics of Project Management Professionals | Lecture 03 Part 2 | The Project Environment

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Other Affects on Project Management

Project are stimulated with the aid of factors inner and external to the corporation, those are referred to as EEF employer environmental elements (EEF).
Projects will use regulations and requirements of the employer, can also use past metrics, and may apply instructions from previous comparable initiatives. Such artefacts are known as Organizational Process Assets (OPA).
Projects also are impacted with the aid of the organizational device that is comprised no longer most effective of business enterprise systems which were defined earlier but also wellknown control and governance factors.


Enterprise Environmental Factors

“Enterprise environmental elements (EEFs) check with conditions:

  • No longer below the manage of the project crew,
    That impact, constrain, or direct the project.
  • These conditions may be inner and/or outside to the business enterprise.

Enterprise environmental factors are taken into consideration as inputs to many project management procedures, specifically for maximum planning process. These elements might also decorate or constrain task management options. similarly, these factors can also have a good or bad have an impact on the final results.”
There are numerous extraordinary sorts of enterprise environmental factors, and they're divided into 2 distinct corporations:

  • Those which can be external to the enterprise
  • Those that are internal.


Enterprise environmental factors internal to ship might encompass:

Resource Availability

E.g. the vision, challenge, values, beliefs of the transport organisation. The policies of the deliver, the expected behavior of the team and the passengers, the code of ethics and rule of law. The leadership of the captain, as well as the hierarchy and authority relationships of group members.

Geographic distribution of centers and resources

E.g. there would be a floorplan of the deliver, showing the facilities on every deck, and you would have statistics approximately your cabins, where to devour.


E.g. there would be details of what system is to be had to your use on board the ship, for example, computer systems and health club system.

Aid availability

E.g. you would have a list of team of workers available that will help you, and there would be keep to purchase gadgets.

Employee Functionality

There could be a list of offerings that could provide, and the instances they are available. They could encompass clinical, a gym trainer, non secular services, financial offerings, dance education, and so on.

Organizational subculture, shape, and governance.

E.g. imaginative and prescient, venture, values, beliefs, cultural norms, leadership style, hierarchy and authority relationships, organizational fashion, ethics, and code of behavior.

Geographic distribution of centers and assets

E.g. manufacturing facility places, digital teams, shared systems, and cloud computing.

Data Software Program

E.g. scheduling software program gear, configuration management systems, net interfaces to other online automated systems, and paintings authorization structures.

Useful resource availability

E.g. contracting and purchasing constraints, authorized providers and subcontractors, and collaboration agreements.


Worker capability

E.g. current human sources information, capabilities, abilties, and specialized expertise.
Now, permit’s go be to our cruise liner and don't forget the employer environmental factors outside to the ship.

Market Conditions

E.g. the alternative competitor transport groups you may have traveled with. The reputation of the shipping enterprise which you select.

Social, cultural affects and problems

E.g. political weather, codes of conduct, ethics, and perceptions of the countries you're traveling thru.

Criminal Regulations

E.g. usa or nearby legal guidelines and policies. For example, you are not allowed to devour alcohol in some nations, in others, you may not deliver certain ingredients ashore.

Business Databases

E.g. tables of average ticket fees and expected centers, in addition to published statistics on threat research, protection popularity and so on.

Academic Research

E.g. on-line boards and evaluation sites that fee and examine shipping corporations, and their services.


Industry standards

E.g. fitness and protection laws, employment legal guidelines such as anti-discrimination, minimum salary. certifications for team and device. Sea-worthiness certification for the ship. Laws relating to the storage, education, and serving of food.

Monetary Considerations

E.g. currency trading quotes, hobby fees, inflation costs, tariffs, and geographic place.

Organisation environmental factors external to the enterprise:

Market Conditions

E.g. competition, marketplace percentage logo reputation, and trademarks.

Social and cultural affects and troubles

E.g. political weather, codes of conduct, ethics, and perceptions.

Prison Restrictions

Examples include country or nearby laws and guidelines associated with safety, records protection, commercial enterprise behavior, employment, and procurement.


Commercial databases

E.g. benchmarking effects, standardized price estimating records, industry threat study facts, and threat databases.

Instructional research.

E.g. enterprise studies, guides, and benchmarking results.

Industry standards.

Examples consist of regulatory enterprise rules and requirements related to products, manufacturing, environment, nice, and workmanship.

Economic Issues.

E.g. currency trading charges, interest prices, inflation prices, price lists, and geographic region.

Bodily Environmental Elements.

E.g. operating situations, weather, and constraints that brings us to the quit of corporation.

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