Revisiting "Lek" at her temple home

Months ago we took in a puppy that had multiple issues including a badly broken leg after being hit by a car - which is a big issue in a country that has such chaotic traffic combined with virtually non-existent animal control. Lek was in bad shape when we found her and although she was not going to die as far as we could tell, she was never going to recover from this without help.


Many dogs who get hit by cars manage to carry on and it is actually pretty amazing to see. Dogs are extremely resilient creatures and just relearn how to walk with a broken leg and still manage to do ok. Obviously they would probably rather not have a broken leg and that is where we came in.

After having ample time to heal and get the cast later removed, we returned her to the temple that she calls home and only recently we stopped in to check on her as well as make another food donation

This is "Lek" before the surgery for broken bones

Just like our last encounter with another dog named "Nau," she remembered us and was delighted to see us. She has also grown a lot just like you would expect a puppy to do and she appeared to be in great health.


After a quick inspection for parasites and taking a blood sample (which she had no problem allowing us to take) she was back to wandering around the temple, but not before getting some vittles to eat from us.


Lek has been receiving enough food and I am quite happy to say that she might actually be getting a bit too much as she is a bit on the pudgy side. The monks have certainly been looking after her and they were very gracious to accept our offering of the free giant bag of dog food because Lek is not the only dog that calls this temple home.


Personally, I find it very rewarding to return to these places and see the "fruits of our labor" and see that the dogs that we have helped are living much better lives than if we hadn't gotten involved. Lek was also sterilized when she was with us so there is no chance of increasing the already rather large population of dogs at this temple, at least for now.

This is why I always encourage everyone to sterilize their pets. In just one year a female dog can make upwards of 8 pups and this gets out of control quickly. With such a great temperament "Lek" would be a wonderful dog for adoption but since the monks take such great care of her, I don't think that it is necessary for her or her doggy friends.

It was still nice to see her though and it made us happy that she remembered us even though it has been many months since we last met.

If you would like to see how you can help out or simply spread the word, please visit our website at


Krabi Animal Welfare is a charity run entirely by volunteers and are a registered non-profit organization in Thailand and the U.K.. We aim to relieve the pain and suffering of dogs and cats within Krabi Province.



Cute little one :-)

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