I am convinced that death cannot be experienced. It seems logically impossible to me. Death is either an end or a passage, and so either I am dead, and that is the end of all experience, or I am living in another state - but then I am not dead and I am experiencing or witnessing that other state.

I don't believe that the individual outlives its death. The state after the death of the individual is a different, non-individual one. In this sense, the individual is then dead in any case.

Thank God!

Translated from German with (free version)

Technically, you are right.

Since death of a living being is the departure of soul from its body to the other world. So it should be counted as an experience of a soul not the body.

You missed my point - or did you want to miss my point?

Don't worry, all is fine so far! I don't want to start arguing.

I think I missed your point. 🧐

So please take first my excuse for my having thouhgt of the other possibility.

My point is, that I did not want to speak about the "body" but about the individual consciousness. This is (as consciousness) the base and at the same time (as individual) the result of experience and frames the human condition: freedom.

No problem. I think it was the translator messing up.

Did you mean there's no consciousness after death? Everything ends with death?

I'm truly sorry if I got it wrong again. 🙈

P.S. I am not good with philosophy.

Please don't worry!

a) I was not aware of the question, if you read in English or if you'll have to translate first to Urdu (is that your native tongue?). Me for my own part, I sometimes take the help of a translator, but since German (my native tongue) and English are not far from each other, translation uses to be okay. Translations from Russian or Spanish written posts can be tricky as I know from people who speak both (German and Russian/Spanish), and so it might be with many other languages.

b) You got nearer to my point! My thought is: there might be consciousness after an individual's death, but no more individual consciousness. Death is the end of an inidividual. After death, I might be what I might be - but I will no longer be ME. (Of course I cannot prove this.)

c) Only very very few people are really "good with philosophy", and for me, it took ten years ore more to get familiar to essential thoughts of philosophy. The most difficult thing about philosophy is - so it seems to me - to think on thinking itself, to watch one's own mind while balancing. This is a state of mind which one cannot stand but temporarily and which is to some degree comparable to mysticism.

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