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Hello dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to join the Contest that is organized by SCOUTS y sus amigos @hive-181136 community with the topic „My Steemians family“ and tell you about those ones who we have learned and who we still continuing our journey on Steemit.

I believe because of being on Steemit now 5 years there were many people who accompanied us on different stage and it is a shame that some of them not here anymore.




To start with, of course, I want to mention @xpilar, he is our oldest companion who we have met few months after our journey. First I noticed that he was organizing the comment contest about the digital art that he was creating. What attracted me was his interacting character. He replied to all the comments and he read all the stories written and of courses, he also visited the blogs of each user and after voting, left comment there. You can imagine how much time that usually takes and not many do that. He is the person who appreciate the hard work of others, he is noticing that and appreciate it. That is why we are always on his side and supporting his Initiative.

@sultan-aceh, first time when I noticed Sultan’s account who was always involved in all the activities of @xpilar, I also thought that these two accounts are one person. But of course, shortly after we learned Sultan it was clear that he is completely different person. What I like in him is his dedication to the people living in his area. He supports many landsmen and he is a great adviser for new people, he established a Steemit community in his village and supported many of them with his projects. He is like @xpilar always working hard to help the people and friends in his village and it is a great promotion for Steemit in Aceh Indonesia.

@axeman, Ruslan I know for a last few years, he is brilliant photographer and due to his expertise, he is the best detective to Plagiarism. He organizes a lot of Photography contests on WOX which are very well accepted by users.

@bambuka he joined Wox slightly after it was created, he is very supportive user and always tries to help when he can. He is like a guide for newcomers in our community and he is always there with his nice words and advises. He is an organizer of “30/14 Days Diving Program - WORLD OF XPILAR Community”

@mister-omortson, is an architect from profession, but also he is skillful photographer, like me he loves drawing and watercolour, although the same like me he has not much time for that. But he is actively organizing multiple different contests in WOX and interacting with other users.

@franyeligonzalez and @adeljose, they are the moderators in WOX and also active users in Venezuela community but also they have other responsibilities like country curators, SteemcuratorsXX . Both of them very friendly and cheerful personalities ready to help anyone, despite of being so busy both are working hard to fulfill their tasks but also to take part in WOX activities.

@the-gorilla, he is more in background at present, but if we need him he is always there immediately. He has a great knowledge about the blockchain but also he is the best to detect abuse. I like his fair personality and his contribution to the activities of WOX and platform in general.


There are dear Artists who became a part of my friends on Steemit:




@jorgevandeperre, professional artist, who I met while seeing his mushroom drawing illustration, that was so detailed like in encyclopedia book, so I had to ask him if that was really him who made it. I was glad dropping him a message that opened a door to this friendship. I found such wise, kind and skillful personality, who takes the tasks seriously and since he started his Tutorial introduction into the Drawing but also analyzing the works of anyone of Steemit who takes part in those teachings.

@romanie, she is wonderful professional artist but also in her free time she is busy to keep her island Ibiza free of forest fire. First time I met her while taking part in contests in old Steemit time, later on we started communicating after disintegration and that allowed me to discover Romanie as she is now. We have communicated via emails outside of Steemit when discussing the details of contests. She organized one of the very special Art contests with the Prizes of her painting that she posted to different part of the world because of the winners spread in different countries.

I have learned those two users @xaviduran and @silviadiez closer through Romanie, they all live on beautiful, sunny island Ibiza and often we see them around in our community. I like the way to hear they open opinions and thoughts in regards to some topics. I would love to visit this sunny island Ibiza one day and of course, to meet them there.

@arcoiris ir another professional artist from Spain who is an illustrator and our tutor in Watercolour tutorials. He started to share his knowledge with our “WOX Artschool” lessons. He is Spanish speaking that is why often his son is helping him to translate the lessons in English so that wider auditorium is able to read and get involved.

@fumansiu, one of our professional artist from USA and tutor of “WOX Artschool” through the simple exchange of comments we were able to learn Erik as a teacher who were happy to share his knowledge of colour study with the users on Steemit. Like Jorge, he is happy to interact with users who following his tutorials and advise on the works but also to advise how to improve the weaknesses.

@jmkartworks is also professional artist from USA who is an interesting personality who were highlighted by @romanie and I also had a chance to get in touch with him via emails and to get an interview. That is so exciting to be able to ask questions from the experts and to learn. The fact to have them so close and approachable despite of their busy time and between the projects and Exhibitions.

@ronthroop, another user and professional artist from USA who we discovered now about two years ago and also who developed himself in an active user in WOX but also one of the active commenter. We learned him as a mucisian, I love the videos of him and Rose when he is playing guitar and dinging. But also the exhibitions that he organized and of course how via Steemit there was a friendship between him and our Ibiza team.


The users who comment:




Because my post became lengthy despite of very little number of people who I contact here, I want to highlight those ones who less known but who I love to see around and who I find need a bit of highlighting:

@rossfletcher, the user from USA who attracted my attention with his beautiful crashing wave photography. Later on I discovered that he is a musician and had a band, performed. He is also an artists and have impressive paintings. He usually does not write much but his stories mostly in his photography. If you start commenting on his posts, you discover very interesting personality.

@digi-me, from Norway, wonderful account and you can find different topics behind it, I already wrote about it in the past. What I love in this users (because there are three users behind it) that even though there is not many comments left but I know that the posts are read and there sometimes will be a short comment but exactly reaching the point- bullseye!

@fijimermaid also a user from USA, who did not post much at the very beginning but recently he is more often to see with the digital art but also with his thoughtful comments. That helped him to learn more people around but also for others it helped ud to discover an interesting personality.

@brittilicious is an user from Canada, another country that we do not have many users from. She went through @bambuka's newbies program and nicely integrated into out community. Her posts have nature, historical heritage and daily life topics. She is noticeable due to her active commenting around and that her posts set up 100% Power Up

@stefano.massari is a user from Italy but we see him in different communities and under many different posts. He is very active, supportive and full time Steemian.

There are two users @serap from Turkey and @petface from UK who have similarity in their nice and supportive character. Their posts coming from their heart, they are not only posting but also commenting that is why both were winner of Commentor Initiative on WOX.


I think I can continue with listing the names and of course, my post then will be very long but there is not enough space and I am sorry that I am not able to include all of you. I really enjoy my Big Steemit Family and if you find one or another name and decide to communicate then you discover new good friends among them.




CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Thank you @stef1 for including us in your steemian family...that's very kind of you! I'm delighted to belong to the Steem community and hopefully one day we'll be able to see each other in Ibiza.

I liked that you talked about other steemer friends, it helps me to get to know them better.

Hi Silvia, I am to include you into this post. There are so many activities that might help to learn many different people and also to be seen. For those who decided to stay longer on Steemit and blogging it is good to be in different Initiatives, with the time you might even like it too :)

Thanks so much for the kind comment @stef1. You have been incredibly helpful and generous with your time and engagement on here. This community would not be as rich without you putting in the effort to make it that way. I participate in this community, because of people like you, so thank you :)

It was my pleasure @fijimermaid, I am glad that I managed to make you interested and you are right, the more involved we are in our communities the better it is for everyone. I wish we have more and more people who are actively taking part in the activities around on platform, that will make the place interesting and also hopefully will bring the Image of Steem to others.

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Hermosa familia tienes amigo. Has sabido consolidarla en un camino dentro de steemit. Entre ustedes se percibe una hermosa energia llena de amor, apoyo y empatia. Gracias a steemit somos privilegiados por formar hermosas familias virtuales que van más alla de las fronteras.
Le hago la amable invitación a justificar los parrafos con el fin de que se vean mejor presentados en su post

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Thank you @luimer79 for hosting this contest and for the topic. It was nice to look back and recall who were with us before and if some people are still here and continuing our journey. It was also a chance to highlight the users who are not really known to majority people with hope to introduce them to others but also to let them to learn other people from different communities.

I really enjoyed reading this post and knowing how you got to know this family. I wish I was able to take more time here but I try my best to keep up with what my friends are doing/posting. Best Wishes!

Sometimes I wish I also had more time for that but the reality and obligations of our daily routine restrict that. Still I am trying to do my best and to try to be active as much as I can. In our case, we are two my and my hubby behind our account that makes it easier :)

Ah! yes! I recognise that... Jason also helps me sometimes what I´m too busy but sometimes he is also too busy! hahah!

 4 months ago 

Saludos @stef1
Posee usted una numerosa familia steemians, con tan solo leer la forma en que describe sus trabajos puedo notar que son steemians muy talentosos y comprometidos por compartir contenido de calidad para la plataforma steemit.

Sería muy binito que pueda ir hasta la isla de Ibiza y conocer a dos steemians muy talentosos.

Ha sido muy agradable leer su post, y saber que mas de 5 años le han hecho conformar una familia muy talentosa, amena y cordial

Le invito a apoyar y comentar las demás participaciones

banner naka05.gif

Thank you for your feedback and yes, with the time we collect not only experience but some of our friendship that get stronger it is almost like we are having a friend next door. Would be good to see those and have a chat in real life.

I am back from night shift and of course, will catch up on the other participants posts :)

 4 months ago 

Así es, en steemit podemos encontrar buenas amistades que se van consolidando con el tiempo, se van ganado nuestro respeto y aprecio.


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Thanks for the great reviews about wox friends ❤️

Hope that will give more exposure for us as WOX community and our users but also hope that our users will find such contests interesting and take part to be seen :)

It's the number one family.. because our family is strong, that's about it. Good luck friends in this amazing contest 🎉

Of course, we all love the place where we are and our communities, but we are open for new people to join us as well as our users should know the the others too. Those challenges are such opportunity :)

Such a pleasure to read your entry post, sir. It's interesting and I found this post amazingly beautiful.
There is no doubt about XPILAR sir, he is one of humble steemians, and one of best steemians. Really hard working and straight forward to help steemit users on platform. He is such a nice steemit user, I have experienced this in past week.
Sultan-aceh and axeman, are also well deserving persons to be added in your list. All other steemians you have added, they all are beautiful and hard working.
I can see in the long steemit journey you have made your list so strong and I can say that the one of big list for steemit family challenge ever. You are nice, so people are nice with you.
Greetings, and I really enjoyed reading your post. I am getting late for an important work, I was thinking to do a better comment than this one.

Thank you @growwithme for for feedback and I am glad that you found the post interesting. You are right there are many great people and good friends. Without such team our community would not be large and strong as it is now. The time is only one that will help us to develop ourselves and patience is something that we all should have in such journey :)

A very interesting contest. I think I should try to participate in it.

You definitely should try to take part, it will give you a chance to be seen by others and maybe discover interesting people too.

Но я уже открыл здесь много интересных людей. :)
Например, девушку на коне, которая проехала на нем из Казахстана через Германию в Шотландию. Или я ошибаюсь? ;)
Steemit показал мне много интеерсныех творческих людей, которых я никогда бы не узнал без него.

What an essay. Fantastic post, thanks and honored for the mention! -Chris

Hi Chris, nice to hear from you and hope you might take part in such activities too :)

I loved the content and topic of this post. Being a part of your Steemit family on your post made me happy. It was very pleasant to read your post and new accounts were added to the valuable accounts, many of which I know. I like the way you describe the people around you. I think the most important thing that feeds our Steemit life is the real friendships we can make.

And you are a precious chance for us with your caring, fair, art-loving, supportive, goodwill and friendly attitude. :)

I am glad that you seen this post and also sharing my ideas about building up the friendship via communicating. That makes blogging to be blogging and place for exchanging thoughts, learning something new. It was a great idea to create this challenge and for people to share their little circle of friends.

I am absolutely honored to be included in your Steem family list. What a nice reading!

And of course, no doubt you will be very welcome in our little island.

many thanks, indeed!

Hi Xavi, thank you for your lovely comment and who knows the next destination for our Holiday :)
By the way, I dropped you an email and I am happy for you to go ahead!

You're very welcome!

It is already posted.

Hello @stef1, I am very honoured to be part of your great Steem family, but you forgot to tell us that it is the fruit of your constant commitment to the community, thanks to your efforts to be a watchful beacon in search of new friends and to report out loud to those elements that harm this community. Without your friendly welcome, your strong commitment and empathy, without your courageous denunciation, this family would not be as great as it has become.

Thank you Jorge, I am glad that my contribution to our community brought its fruits. I would love to spend more time but it feels like it is never enough of it. But we will keep trying to do our best to make this place attractive for users. Also because we have such great group of people and we would love to keep them here.

Greetings @stef1 Thank you ever so much for the mention 😊 You were the first one to notice my content when I just started posting on the platform and since then you have been showing me the way here. You managed to get to know many Steemians and build strong relationships. I love the collages you did 🖼 Cheers and see you around 🌍

Thank you for your nice feedback Rusana, but I must say that a lot depends on users themselves, because we can give initial guide and support but then much depends on users, you are one of the best "student" who understood how it works on Steemit and got on quickly. Unfortunately, there are few who after initial start left too. But you are our gain in WOX!

This post is awesome, thanks so much for the mention. Now I'm going to visit the profiles of the other people you mentioned as well. If you mentioned them, it means that they are users who deserve to be followed.

 3 months ago 

So many Steemians that I am not familiar with which made your post refreshing.
Somehow we get stuck in a "certain part" of Steemit.

Oh yah, @the-gorilla and I have a history (•ิ‿•ิ)

 3 months ago 

Saludos!!!! Una larga lista para conformar una Gran familia .

Se nota que todos se llevan muy bien, se aprecian y se ayudan en su camino en Steemit y eso es bueno.

Muchas suerte.

Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

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