Report : Scout Participation in Mangrove Seed Planting Program (Planet Positives)

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Note: Documentation/images in this post are property of the documentation team which has publish permission rights. The program activities have also been published in a number of online news media. Maybe you find it on some external site.

Hello dear community, nice to be back with my latest post. Post updates on our recent activities. Greetings and health always be with us all!

This post is a participation report and aims to promote the green movement campaign. At the end of last October, we participated in the reforestation program. Scouting for better world !

The Military District Command (KODIM) 01/03 North Aceh carried out the planting of thousands of mangrove seedlings. This mangrove seed planting activity was carried out in the coastal area of ​​Lhokseumawe City. This mangrove planting activity is part of our concern for the environment.


The scout movement also participated in this mangrove seed planting activity. Planting tree seeds is also a form of concern for the environment. Every scout must promote the reforestation movement, one of which is by planting trees.

Moreover, in an effort to prevent global warming through a campaign program launched by the government. Scouts participate in the success of the green, clean, healthy, neat and beautiful Indonesia campaign. A positive impact campaign to create a better world.

Scout participation in this campaign will provide education to the surrounding community to protect the environment through the tree planting movement. Planting mangrove seeds centered in coastal areas is a form of our participation in preserving the environment. In the current era of globalization, sensitivity to the environment is the most important thing to protect against major disasters.


Global warming which, if not handled with policies and actions that care for the environment, will actually bring havoc to the survival of human life. Protecting and preserving the earth is the most important action to be aware of climate change. Action to Climate Action is part of a movement promoted by all elements of environmental organizations.

In this case, the scout movement in my area also plays a role by participating in environmental campaign activities. I am very happy to see the participation of scout members in environmental care programs. Young people should have more actions to protect this earth from the damage, the damage caused by human greed.

Humans as elements of living things on earth have a role to preserve nature. Actions that can be taken are to achieve a prosperous life without causing environmental damage. Through this tree planting program, we have shown our love for the earth.


Planting these tree seeds will certainly be very beneficial for the ecosystem and biota on the coast. Mangrove trees that grow on the beach can be useful to prevent abrasion, provide sea water infiltration and provide benefits for marine life ecosystems. Hopefully the mangrove seeds that we plant can grow and develop to a great extent.


Let's take real action to protect this earth. Participate with us through the tree planting movement. Scouts are here for a more beautiful future.

Thanks for visiting and reading my post.

Thanks to @steemcurator01

Best Regard,
Jakarta, 11 November 2021

 3 years ago 
Excelente proyecto Hermano gracias por seguir Construyendo un Mundo Mejor.

Thank you very much for Support Sir.

 3 years ago 

Semangat penghijauan jaga bumi, jangan buang sampah sembarangan

 3 years ago 

Humans as elements of living things on earth have a role to preserve nature. Actions that can be taken are to achieve a prosperous life without causing environmental damage. Good job bro, keep on loving and taking environmental action, so that everyone is aware and cares about the environment.

Salam Lestari...!!!
Salam Pramuka...!!!

 3 years ago 

Semangat menghijaukan kembali bumi pertiwi..

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