Will "virtual currency" be inherited as a heritage in China?

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China has changed the scope of inheritance in the Draft Civil Code: the scope of inheritance in the inheritance law, the income, houses, trees, cultural relics and copyrights of citizens, etc. are listed one by one, and the scope of inheritance is expanded to "heritage is the personal legal property left over by natural persons when they die".

As long as the property obtained legally by natural person belongs to the heritage, it can be inherited, and the needs of private property inheritance can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Network property, virtual currency and so on are all summarized.

When it comes to virtual money, bitcoin and Ethereum are indispensable.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been gradually recognized, and subsequent compliance is only a matter of time.


Since bitcoin halved, the market of mainstream currency has been depressed, and in the near future, it seems to have a downward trend. In this case, some competitive currencies have gone out of a good market.

In this regard, a friend asked whether this situation means that the plate began to rotate, the mainstream currency rose, and began to exchange for the competitive currency rose?

I deny this view. When we say "rotation", it generally means that when the mainstream currency rises to a certain height in the bull market, it will consolidate and accumulate strength, and the capital starts to speculate on the competitive currency; when the competitive currency rises to a certain height, the capital begins to return to the mainstream currency. In this way, with the continuous flow of capital into the market, the prices of mainstream currency and competitive currency are continuously pushed up, and finally the whole market reaches the peak of bull market.

Now, we are obviously not a bull market, so this kind of "rotation" phenomenon is unsustainable, because the whole market has no continuous inflow of funds.

At present, this kind of rotation even indicates that the mainstream currency may fall further in my opinion, because it shows that the mainstream currency has no follow-up fund purchase, and the price may continue to callback. At present, it must not be large funds that boost the rise of competitive currencies, but only hot money, which is highly speculative and unsustainable.

So maybe it's just a chance to hype and leave. Therefore, it is not easy to change positions and other operations, not to sell the mainstream currency in hand to chase the competitive currency.

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