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Hello friends hope you all are well. I come to you today with my diary. I woke up in the morning and went out. I started visiting around the garden. The tree looked very beautiful and the water in the pond looked very clear. In the morning I sat down to have breakfast. I don't have to go to college today because today is Friday.


After studying I took bath. Then I rested after having lunch. I woke up in the afternoon and found it raining in torrents. I went outside and mom forbade me to think of showering in the rain. When I took out my mobile phone I took some pictures.


A little before evening the sky looked very beautiful. I started taking pictures and saw the white clouds floating in the blue sky. Then I go inside the house and say hello. I have to sit down to read again.


Meanwhile I have completed some work in my house. The house has a garden on the roof. Every day in the afternoon they watered the plants but today there was no need to water because it rained in the afternoon. I cleaned the weed then lay down to lie down.


After completing my studies, I did some modeling photography at home. Then I watched TV. At night we all had dinner together. This is how I spent the day. Now I wrote the diary among you. I will fall asleep after writing this. This was my diary for today. No new post will be seen again tomorrow. Everyone will be fine and healthy. Assalamu Alaikum.


camera / samsung m31

64 / Mega pixel

Location / Bangladesh

Edit / Light Room


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