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good evening all steemit friends wherever you are, hopefully you are still in good he alth always and don't lack anything, hop efully you are still under the protes ction of the almighty God who always gives His grace to us


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on this occasion tonight allham dulilah m eet again with me what I mean and aim is on this occasion tonight I want to share st ories and posts together with steem mit's friends all of them no matter where you are

then the story and post that I want to sha re tonight is about the beauty of a pironI ya hanging flower that I found in the sub uwah greenery garden and the garden is a local ornamental garden which is a little far away from my house

then for the first time I saw the local orna mental garden, it really caught my eye be cause the ornamental garden was very be autiful and the garden was made not far fr om the house but right in front of the hou se, so I saw the hiyas garden was very unique too

then I was so interested in my attention that I tried to get closer to the garden. ne edulant saw a hanging flower of pironiya, which had a very beautiful color, and I tho ught I wanted to take a photo, but the flo wer failed.

so even though you still enter the ornam ental garden, the important thing is a ha nging flower of the pironiya, keep trying so that I can take a photo, because the flo wer is very beautiful and unique, then the flower is small and unique, but the color is very beautiful


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then the beauty and uhaqueness of a han ging pironiya flower is as beautiful as any other flower because of the beauty of a ha nging pironiya flower that I share on the occasion tonight is different from the bea uty of other flowers

then a flower to replace ung pironiya, the color is very different from other beautiful flowers, the biyar is like that, a hanging flo wer of pironiya is in the area now it is staf rting to be rather rare, but the flower is ve ry unique, beautiful and very beautiful

so with the presence of a pironiya flower, it can make and decorate a green garden, what's more, pyroniya flowers are one of the beautiful and unique flowers, the bea uty of these flowers is with the beauty of other flowers, because the color of the pir oniya flowers is very much different.

then the color in the pironiya flower is a very nice and beautiful color, so the color that this flower has is a rare color and a py roniya flower also has its own advan tak ges, the advantage is the color that is on the flower no other flowers

so many of my stories and posts on this occasion tonight about the beauty of a pironiya flower, less and more, I beg your pardon and thank you

(Yours faithfully)

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