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Yarışa dəvət etdiyiniz üçün təşəkkürlər.Bu şəkillərdəki meyvə-tərəvəzləri biz özümüz əkib-becəririk.Olduqca sağlıqlı və dadlıdırlar👌🏻





 4 months ago 

The 1st picture. Is that a Pomegranate?

Yes, it is pomegranate.☺️

 4 months ago 

I might grow massive Pomegranate here in Philippines by next year

 4 months ago 

Both chilli are healthy. The lower one, am not sure if it is Cauli or Cabbage

In fact, cabbage should have been in this form,


but the leaves are a little different.

 4 months ago 

beautiful indeed. Waxy leaves makes it insect free. There is enough tannin in your mulch.

 4 months ago 

10 Steem Power Delegated for 1 Year.

delegation 0917.jpg

Thank you for your attention🙏🏻☺️

 4 months ago 

Please join FARMERS Bulletin Community

We will have Eggplant Growing Competition SOON...

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