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I'm titi7 from Ghana and I'm here to talk a little about steemit iron chef.

Steemit iron chef is one of the fastest growing communities on steemit. It is a community all steemians should join due to its lovely activities.
Steemit iron chef gives you the opportunity to earn, learn and have fun. I just recently joined steemit iron chef and I'm already feeling at home.
On Steemit iron chef you will get to interact with people all other the world , learn new recipes, how to sustain or promote a healthy life, earn income and have fun. I urge all my friends on steemit to join steemit Iron Chef community and enjoy life here on steemit.
I thank and urge @progressivechef and all the other founders of steemit iron chef to continue their good works and help #steemitironchef to develope more and become the best or one of the best communities here on steemit.

Steemit Iron Chef , a better home for you and me.

Thank you

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