#TRADITIONAL CUISINE CHALLENGE: Round 3 - Snacks (Short eats/ sweets)

in Steemit Iron Chef2 years ago (edited)
Hello Iron Chefs! As you already know 2nd round of TCC- *traditional drinks* is finally and successfully over and winners will be informed by tomorrow.

Here comes the third round.
So, everyone get ready to make......



What are traditional foods?
The foods which are unique to a country, region or area and passed on through generations.

So, do you have a favorite traditional snack you think members from other countries may haven't heared that much but would love to know and taste?

Then make it and tell us about it.

Here you can make a....

  • Short Eat /
  • Sweet
    or any other form of a snack which is unique to your area.


  • The topic must be - Traditional Cuisine Challenge - Snack - (Name of your snack)

  • Your dish must be a - solid food (🚫can't be a main meal or a liquid food like soup/drink/porridge)

  • The content must have -
    •A little introduction about the food (What is the country this food comes from, history, nutritious value, taste, the reason you like it, etc.)
    •The cooking method in a very simple manner (We don't expect it as step by step)

  • You must present captures of the-
    •Some cooking moments as you like. (We don't expect captures of every single step)
    •The dish you made on a decorated plate.

  • Hash tags you must put - #tcc #snack #steemitexclusive

  • A simple and interesting content with beautiful captures is much appreciated.

  • Only one entry is allowed and put your entry in the comment section.

  • Marks will be given for.....

  • Opening date- Friday 29of October
    Closing date - Friday 5th of November

  • Winners will be announced on - Saturday 6th of October.
    The 4th round will be started on - Friday 5th of October



1st place - 5 STEEM + Booming vote
2nd place - 4 STEEM
3rd place - 3 STEEM
4th place - 2 STEEM
5th place - 1 STEEM

Don't panic eveyone.
Let's enjoy this challenge.
Can't wait to see the snacks come from different countries of the world.

Thank you so much @progressivechef for building this community and letting me for have this contest !

Any questions ???

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 2 years ago 

Querida amiga @kashvibhagya, porfavor revisa las fechas en la publicación ( cuando serán anunciados los ganadores y cuando comenzará la siguiente ronda) , creo que hay un pequeñito error. saluditos y bendiciones

 2 years ago (edited)

¡Gracias amigo! Pero las fechas son correctas. comenzamos la siguiente ronda antes de anunciar los ganadores de la ronda anterior. esto se debe a que se necesita un poco de tiempo para seleccionar a los ganadores, ya que algunos de los concursantes tienden a publicar en el último minuto.😊

 2 years ago 

Grandioso amiga. Estare presente en este nuevo tema

 2 years ago 

Esperando ver tu entrada amiga!😊

 2 years ago 

Espero participar señora. Suerte en su desafio semanal

 2 years ago 

Esperando ver tu entrada amiga!😊

Hola amigos! Me encanta este desafío ... ojalá que se animen muchos participantes para así ampliar los conocimientos 👏🏻🤗

 2 years ago 

¡muchas gracias amigo! ¡Espero ver su participación también!

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 2 years ago 

Thank you for the support !😊

 2 years ago 

Me encanta este desafío ...espero participar pronto !

 2 years ago 

Esperando ver tu entrada amiga!😊

I hope to be participating in contest 👍

 2 years ago 

Waiting to see your entry😊.

Of course 👍

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