Steemit Engagement Challenge S9-W4: My Favorite Ingredient

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Hello Chefs!
Welcome to another week of participating in an interesting contest from steemit Iron Chef Community.

I love cooking a lot and discovering new ingredients is what I enjoy doing as well. Everyone has that one/more ingredient they can't do without because it is what makes their meal special. There are many food ingredients I like using to make my meals yummy and delicious.

For the purpose of this contest, I would pick one ingredient out of many. Onions, my favourite food ingredient.

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What Makes Onions Different from Other Ingredient?
I have been using different types of ingredients in the time past and even up to this moment. I have observed that most ingredients are just for a particular meal. The aroma of onions is very unique and once you skip putting it in food, most people will notice and question why.
However, the health benefits of onions are one of the reason why it is different from other ingredients.
Here are some health benefits of onions;

  • Onions improve digestive health
  • Onions contains nutrient
  • Onions hinders diabetes and cancer.
  • Onions supports heart and bone health
  • Onions also makes the hair healthy.
IMG_20230509_075602.jpg Unpeeled onionsIMG_20230509_80654.jpg Sliced onions

Onions is often used in my home on a daily basis. I enjoy using onions, I can't prepare a meal without adding onions to it because it makes my food taste good and better. Even before I discovered the health benefits of onions, I have always been using it, I grew up to see as my grandma used it as one of her regular food ingredient.

Is onions expensive?
No, onions is not expensive at my place but it depends on the quantity you are buying. Small size of onions is two for #50 (0.40 steem) and a bigger size just like the one posted above is #100 (0.75). In my home, we prefer buying in bulk so we get a basket for #10,000 (72 steem) most times.

The Recipe I Prepare with my Favourite Ingredient
Onions goes with all times of recipe except baking.
I make use of this ingredient in all my meal especially when I want to steam meat and fish. I rather pause the cooking process instead of steaming my fresh ingredients ( fish and meat) without onions .

IMG_20221019_192818.jpg Plantain and crabIMG_20230509_80711.jpg Steaming chicken with onions as one of the ingredient

Onions can not miss in my stew, sauce, jollof/fried, beans, vegetable soup and pepper soup e.t.c.

I will be inviting my friends (@ruthjoe, @eliany and j@josepha) to join the contest.

 5 months ago 

Hola amiga!!
Has seleccionado un ingrediente maravilloso... Coincido contigo con que la cebolla es muy importante en la cocina, aporta a nuestras comidas muchísimo sabor y beneficios para la salud.
Qué bueno que en tu país la cebolla sea económica así puedes utilizarla con facilidad.
Éxitos en el desafío y saludos desde Venezuela!!

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much friend for this detailed comment / contributions.
Onions is cheaper here especially when it is its season.

Very useful!

It is interesting to read the important of onion.., I never knew most of these, but now I know.

I also use onions while cooking, but to be honest...I never knew it's health benefit😁.

 5 months ago 

Good thing you visited my blog, now you are going with useful information.
Thank you for your valuable comment.

 5 months ago 

Greetings Chef @adylinah!

Thank you for being part of the community, we look forward to continue enjoying your delicacies and eventualities in your meals.

@steemesp |@steemeng|@steem.ind


 5 months ago 

Thank you

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 5 months ago 

Such a pleasure to heard that onion in your country not expensive even if at least all of that back to the quantity of the onion. Anyway, I am over the moon to put onion or shallots also as one of the main ingredients when I want to cook some foods. In other hands good aroma, onion also give a lot of advantages for our health.
Thank you for sharing, my stunning friend 🥰
Lots of luck 🧡😇

 5 months ago 

Hola amiga feliz tarde. Muy bueno tu ingrediente y de esto se trata esta plataforma y sus retos pues me estoy enterando que la cebolla sirve para el cabello ybes excelente por que tambien la uso mucho. Bien por tu participación amiga. Exitos y bendiciones.

 5 months ago 

I like this your choice of favourite ingredients it's goes well in every meal, I'm so impressed to see this numerous health benefits of onions, thank you for sharing and I wish you success 👍🤗


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 5 months ago 

Yo soy amante de la cebolla, esta aporta un sabor único a los platillos, además que tiene grandes propiedades medicinales. Me alegra que puedas acceder a ella a un bajo costo.

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