Steemit Engagement Challenge S9-W3: Mother's Delicacies

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Greetings Chefs!
We are still on the race of Steemit Engagement Challenge for season 9 of week 3 and today, I would like to share my participation in Steemit Iron Chefs Community.

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Mother's delicacies are always special and nothing can beat the fact that mothers knows how to prepare tasty meals that captures the children's heart.
Mothers delicacies never get boring because they always know how to serve every meal with love and creativity. Every mother is blessed with unique and inborn recipes and sometimes, I wonder how they come up with that.
Mothers' meals comes with a lot of memories especially when the kids are grown.

Tell Us About your Relationship with this Mother and the Reasons for your Selection

My mother taught me all the basic things I needed to know about cooking from my early stage. Although, then I was too young to carry out kitchen responsibilities. But, I could at least make the simple meals in which any girl's child can prepare.
I selected her because she taught me everything about food early and she also contributed to me having passion in cooking now. She is one of the best cook I have in my corner and it is only a good cook that can impact another to be a great cook as well.

Her Specialty in the Kitchen

All kinds of dishes is what she prepares because she is very good at cooking. One of the food I love so much when my mum prepares is afang soup.
I enjoy eating that her special recipe of Afang soup unlike the regular one. She adds melon and removed periwinkle to her recipe each time she cooks the meal which in turn makes the food special and enjoyable.

Cooking Tips and Advice From My Mother That Will Help Us All

Below are some of the tips and advice I learnt from my mother;

  • The first tip is always to wash my hands before I touch any kitchen utensil. Hygiene first because it is very important.
  • Cover your hair while cooking
  • Paying attention to the food while preparing it (stay focus).
  • Taste your meal while cooking by making sure that all the ingredients are well balanced.
  • Have self-confidence while cooking.
  • Never to give up after making mistake on a particular meal ( have the zeal to learn new recipes and never get scared to try new things).
  • Lastly, make sure you put the kitchen in order after cooking by washing the dishes and cleaning.
The Meal my Mother Used to Prepare for me When I was a Child

I still remember the meal my mother used to prepare for me when I was a child. My mother usually prepare different types of meal at home then, but I was really selective. I don't eat all types of food. Each time she wants to make me happy, she will go ahead to prepare my best food which is Pepper soup yam. I don't really get bored of eating pepper soup yam, I still like it till date and even when I want to prepare it now, I will use my mother's recipe so to be able to enjoy the food well.

What is that Mother's Favourite Food

IMG_20230504_162243.jpgYummy jollof rice with fish

My mother's favourite food is jollof rice prepared with fish. She enjoys eating it during breakfast. Also, she loves atama soup with fresh catfish as well.

I will invite @eliany @ruthjoe and @toriasam to join the contest. Thank you!

 5 months ago 

I'm very glad that I received your amzing post. I'm glad that you have very good relation with your mother.

Rice and sea food is always favourite of minw. It's good to know you also like this. A very delecious meal ! You have learned many productive and kitchen handling skills from your mother. Good luck for the contest.

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much for reading through my article.


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Thank you for your support!

 5 months ago 

It's very good that you choose your mother as your favourite kitchen expert because our mothers are well experienced and I think she is the one and only who prepares food with a lot of love and that's why we also like the taste of her hands too much and nice to know about your mother specialty that she really cooks afghan soup very well.

Other things that I like most is rice in which there is also fish present and you have also told us the name of this dish and it is just looking like pulao and I think it will be very tasty just like the chicken pulao as in my country it is considered very yummy among all the peoples

 5 months ago 
Greetings Chef @adylianah!

Thank you for being part of the community, we look forward to continue enjoying your delicacies and eventualities in your meals.

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