SEC-S17 / W4| Why do You Prefer Steemit Only?

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SEC-S17 / W4| Why do You Prefer Steemit Only?

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Dear Friends,
I'm writing to a contest after some times. I wanted to participate this lovely contest as soon as I went through the topic. Before starting I love to thank Steem for Pakistan team for organising this contest.

And before I start writing my article I love invite some of my friends in Steemit to share there view on "Why do you prefer Steemit Only ? @vishwara, @inudi , @m-fdo, @dhanux94, this invitation is for you guys.

I joined Steemit in 2018 and I was really new to this blockchain based social medias. At the start I was really curious about how Steemit is operating and I learnt things really fast and lot of friends in Steemit helped me a lot. When the time passed I also tried lot of other similar platforms such as , etc. But it was Steemit community which I always preferred and only blockchain based social media which I'm active currently after all these years.


What were your hopes while signing up for Steemit for the first time?

Okay now, this is an interesting question. Actually I found Steemit accidentally as at that time I was working with writing promotion articles to crypto startups. So I found that Steemit was one of the best place to discuss about cryptocurrencies as most of the community members were well aware of the blockchain industry. But when I get in to this platform I was really impressed with the community activities and the opportunities they provide and also I was really happy with the revenue a content creator of Steemit platform could generate at that time. So I just hoped to grab many steem as I can.


Your challenges faced while achieving your financial or blogging goals?

I think as a Steemian the main challenge I faced was to find some time to blog in Steemit. I was a very busy person with my career at that time and even I wanted to spend time with Steemit I was unable to manage it properly. But I was successfully working on all the positions I was given such as moderator in communities, greater fairy, greeter, curator for SC07, 03 accounts and booming, country representative for Sri Lanka and crypto professor etc. All the positions were challenging to me with my career but I contributed as much as I could at that time. And as a Steemian I'm really happy to see how Steemit community have grown.

Your inspiration on Steemit?

I think @cryptokannon is the person who actually inspired me the most to become a good contributor to this amazing platform. She was handling the newcomers community at that time and I was really impressed with her managing skills, how she managed the team and how she contributed to this platform educating newcomers about Steemit.

Your happy story due to Steemit?

Actually Steemit changed my life in a good way. I was blogging for around 6 years with Steemit and Steemit really helped me financially. I was able to reach many goals.

And last year I was able to become an Orca.The first one from Sri Lanka. But unfortunately I had to power down due to my personal financial requirement. I was able to introduced Steemit platform to many Sri Lankan users and lot of them were really successful and it supported them a lot financially. And also I got rewards for trusting Steemit as I was able to invest in Steemit when the market price was down. I'm a very happy blogger in Steemit and will continue to work on this platform.

Thank you

 3 months ago 

Hello friend greetings to you, hope you are doing well and good there.

You have joined Steemit in the peak because it's price according to Coin marketcap was something 7 dollars. You were very hopeful to get good revenue from here. Yes it was the same problem with me to manage time for Steemit in the beginning because I used to have regular classes of university that time.

I wish you best of luck in the contest dear friend. Keep blessing.

Dear @shahid203,

Thank you brother for your kind words. Managing work life balance is the challenge for all of us here on steemit. Nice to get to know you. Keep in touch.


You have been a great inspiration to me on my journey on Steemit. It changed both of our lives in a good way. I wish you luck in the contest!!

You have been very successful with the Steemit platform. I hope that many more goals can be reached in the future. Thank you very much for inviting me to this competition. Good luck & best wishes... ❤️

Thank you nangi

Wow you have really come a long way on the Steemit platform and I can really see your consistency over the times. You really deserve it so much. You have so much inspired a lot of Steemit users to achieve their goals and also to be consistent on this platform

Dear @mandate ,

Thank you very much for your kind words which encourage me more to be on this platform.


 3 months ago 

Hello dear @besticofinder
Greetings to you hope you are well and enjoying happy life. Getting more sp on steemit like other inspired us a lot. Every one have this hope to grow. You done a very hard work job to manage all things. Mods greeter curators these jobs require a lot of time but you handle and succeed. I'm very happy to read your article. Many success for you. Stay safe and happy

Dear @ahsansharif,

Thank you for reaching my article brother. Yes' managing work life balance is challenging to all of us. Thanks again for reading my work. Have a nice day !


 3 months ago 

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

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