THE DIARY GAME : 11/09/2020 : I missed yesterday because I was working.

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It is super late and that means this one might be a little shorter. I missed yesterday due to work. A system was broken and I had worked all night fixing it. But let's go over today.

The alarm was brutal when it went off at 6:20 am I had only been sleeping a few hours. But I had to get up to help get the kids ready to go to school. A shower woke me up and make sure to get them to school. I got a quick pick of the gloomy day.


I came home to check on some crypto stuff while my wife cooked us eggs. Breakfast was good and I just messed around with my Tron farming and other things in the crypto world. I wasn't going to work right away I had put in a double day yesterday so I didn't start till 9 am.

They work day was a blur. I was pretty sleepy and working on some of the tickets that came in. Most of the day was slow as it was Friday. My boss did give me a thank you for fixing the down system. I also got a long lunchtime so I went shopping. I know I did a lot for a tiring day. I am good at a little sleep sometimes.

I finished up the workday with a few last-minute fixes to the recording system and setting up a few new numbers. Then I made a few videos to post on my youtube and dtube.

The first video I made was on Betfuy that site I am trying to farm staking tokens on and the next on Rising Star a game I play. Not sure it was my best work but I wanted to put something out on my Video channels. I do post on a lot of places but it all started here on steem.

Dinner was pretty simple. Frozen pizza and cucumbers and fruit.


I wasn't up for cooking a lot of stuff but I will do better tomorrow. Days like today are why we have a frozen pizza on hand most of the time. I need to get moving more as for sure that has been an issue with the smoke in the air. There are a lot of fires in my state.

After all that I spent some time playing Splinterlands I won 2000 DEC today and I also played a game called Town Star that will be one of my next videos.


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