Contest !! Lets Show The World Why Sc01 And The Steemit Team Are Worthy Celebrating


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Steemit Platform gives a big opportunities to ourlives, through this platform we can express our talents, skills, abilities particularly those hidden talents we have. Through this platform, we can learn how to create and research the informative details and creating some unique, fascinating, informative and well details posts. I would like to thank @aaliarubab for this exciting and wonderful contest. For this challenge, allow me to share my thoughts and ideas on why and how is it important steemcurator01 and its steemit team celebrating and how worthy it is. My demonstration and images is all about my simple artwork and original poems I created about How Steemit has positively impacted to my Life.


Steemit give a great good impacts to my life just like seeking more informative and lofty ideas, arts, cooking and other talents I have. The time when I still not joined this platform, I have no idea on how to construct informative words and how I engaged others by proper way. But when my friend introuduced this platform to me, I instantly grab the opportunity and that is the start of my journey as a steemit blogger.

My Wonderful Experienced on Steemit platform and A Great impacted of Steemit team to my Life.

For me, Steemit team can gives us more encourage to do, create, perform a post here in steemit platform. They give a rewards or points depends on how creative and unique our posts will be and also if we followed the rules here in this platform. Honestly, I curated by the steemit team many times already and it brings me more happiness and courage to do unique posts. It is a good and great impacted to my Life because we can see our masterpiece, and original posts on how beautiful and informative it is. We can also examine on how to make posts that can make everybody likes and fascinated and how our posts gives us a good opportunity to gain more rewards. Of course, we will be proud of ourselves that we made a fascinating and unique good quality post.

Why Do you think that Sc01 and Steemit team are distinctive from other blockchain platforms and why are they worth celebrating?

For me, Steemit platform is the best and I gain many good lessons about blogging and writing in here. Well, having more rules and regulations is very normal because it can make our account even better. Every platform has a rule I guess and it should be followed and obey it. Making a platform just like this one needs time, patience and dedication to form this, and as part of that it is not very easy to make a platform because ot needs to observe, examine and study the flow of it. If the platform or projects will become successful, it needs a good and great celebration

As part of my entry and tribute to the steemit platform, I will share my short original poems I created while ago titled, "THANK YOU".


Thank you

By: @thephotographer1

Eternal Gratitude For the blessings you have given
To all of us we will pay tribute
Great shows to all of us
and love is real

The gift that no one can match
to pave the way for real success
We are all one family,
that will resonate at all times

To us you serve,
of loyalty, brotherhood and order
for abundant life.
With love for each other, charity and prosperity for each other

In the last paragraph of my poem,
Thank you all very much,
who remains helpful, generous and serves us all wherever in the world

Thank you

I would like to invite ate @jurich60, ate @amayphin and @jessmcwhite for participating in this contest and the 25% of this payout will goes to @null.

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Thank you very much .


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Thank you very much..

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