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Dear @steemitblog

I am Deepak Soni from India and my steemit Id - @deepak94.
I am here to apply for community curators for the month of January 2023. I feel that the way I have been working as a community curator for the last 6 months is really exciting and I will continue to do so in the future also.

My journey on this platform

When I joined this platform, I wanted to learn something new skill in my life, and I learn almost.
My friend introduced me to this platform and I wanted to improve my writing style first. Along with that, I also started getting rewards with the help of this platform. Then I felt that if a new user joins this platform and is rewarded for his good writing style, then his morale increases further. That's why I curate all such good users while working for the curator team for the last 6 months, which they deserve. So that he keeps writing his post like this and remains ready for the development of steem. I respect all projects by the steemit team. And it is always my endeavor to do everything possible for the growth of Steemit That's why I follow all the campaigns run by the Steemit team like burnsteem25.

Right now I see a bright future for Steem, So I've always been a member of Club100 ever since I created an account on this platform. I power up all my earned tokens. I am doing curation work with my previous curation team for the last 6 months and I like it when I help all the members of this platform who write good posts.

Position of Responsibility on Steemit platform

All of you should do complete your achievement so that you can understand the Steemit platform very well. That's why as soon as I joined this platform, I first completed all the Achievement Tasks so that I can understand this Blockchain.
After that, I joined the boi community and started writing my diary. Seeing my good work and honesty, I worked as a Mod in the steemindiaa community. But I have always believed that people should be helped and not the community, that's why I am currently working as an admin in the @hindwhale community so that the talent of the people can be enhanced. Looking at all my previous work, I was appointed CR of India by the Steemit team. I give the details of my work in my weekly pod report you can see. I believe in curating user good posts from the very beginning and that's why I always guide newcomers through Discord, Telegram, and WhatsApp communication platforms.
I have 2 months of curation experience through the steemcurator08 account and 3 months of curation experience through the steemcurator07 account and 1 month of experience with steemcurator09 especially for Newcomers.

Specialist or professional skills or expertise you have in 'real life'

  • I m a Mechanical Engineer student so that's why I post my tutorials related to my subject.
  • Working as a Data Scientist in IT Industry.
  • I know about data visualization and Python Programming Language.
  • I m a Social worker and do charity work for my country's people. I always post my diary related to my charity or act of kindness work.
  • I take a steem Growth publicity session and make people aware of Steemit. So that Steem is prevalent all over India. Now I try to collaborate with my charity work through steemit, So that's a way steem become more popular and familiar in India.
  • Our #Hindwitness program is running well.

What country do you live in and what language you can read fluently

I live in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India. I know English, Hindi, and Bhojpuri language.
I try to write all my posts in Hindi so that more and more people of India get influenced by reading my post and start their journey by joining this platform.

Your keys stats - Own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations


My reputation is 71.179 and 7315 own SP which I collected by powering up since the date of joining this platform. So, I fulfill all the terms and conditions. My voting CSI is always more than 15.
my delegation to the Hindwhale community is 4200SP and 500SP to project hope.


Any Subject you particularly enjoy curating

I loved to curate related to charity, act of kindness, steem growth, Development, diary game, tutorials, lifestyle, food, health, and contest.

Minimum team size you would be willing to serve

I am comfortable with any team size because I work with 7 team members and now currently working with 5 team members. I fit comfortably in any situation bcos of my kind and helping nature.


I hope I will accept whatever decision comes from the Steemit team. And the way I have been working on this platform, I will try to do better in the future also. I'd love to be able to help people on Steemit through the community curator.



 5 months ago 

Brother I have no doubt that you are a very skilled steemain. Because you have established yourself on this platform in a very short time. Best wishes to you brother. 🥰

 5 months ago 

I'm on steemit because of you and since long time you're not in steemcurator team. We are all know your curation, how you helping to people to increase SP. I'm not posting because you're not in steemcurator. Once you come in steemcurator team so I'll start posts on steemit.

 5 months ago 

thanks for your kind support word but I always support good articles, So more n more user influence. You can post your diary regularly.
We have to keep writing posts whether we get votes or not, but if you keep writing continuously, you will surely get the fruits of your hard work.

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