How Did You Start 2020? Running-Wise, That Is...

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I know it's just 1st of January, and, in some parts of the world, people are still at the New Year Eve party, but I thought to ask.

Did you run your "traditional" first run of the year in the first day of the year? I started to do this a while ago, as some sort of a good omen: if I start running, maybe the year will be good for running, you know?

So, this afternoon I just did a 15km at a very relaxed pace:

Do you have something to share? Let's hit it.

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Not today, I did it yesterday :-)

How long?

Not so long, only 9kms

That's quite good, congrats!

Congrats on your traditional run :)

I did a short run on the 1st and a bit longer, 11 km trail run on the 2nd, including geocaching.

So it was a good start into the year with two ultra event entries already in place for May and June :)

!BEER for a good start in 2020

Thanks for the beer and congrats for your runs so far. Out of curiosity, what are the ultras in May and June?

They are both trail runs in Slovenia.

Vipava, May 16th, 106 km:

Podbrdo, June 20th, 42 km:
Here I'll be the sweeper on the first third of the 100 km event. This included accompanying the last runner up to the second peak (33 km) and then leisurely rolling down to the finish :)

What about you?

These sound really great.

I signed up for Valencia 24 hours in April (it will be the first ever 24hours race in Valencia, really looking forward to it).

Then, in September, I'm still pondering about Ultra Tour du Leman, 177km, in Switzerland (one lap around Lake Leman).

If other parts of life will allow, I may sign up to one-two more ultras, but for now these are enough to keep me busy.

Great choices. I will cheer for you and send positive thoughts :)

Hey. we should put up a calendar of our participations...

that's a great idea, starting to look into how it can be done :)

my first call would be to add, when posting, ics compatible json data to steem's JSON Metadata field and then convince some frontend to show it :)

from here the possibilities are a+endless ...

I wonder how somebody hasn't already come out with a steem based general calendar solution ...

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .

I didn't have a personal tradition for this, but I managed 2 runs for 15km. I could have done 2 parkruns, but didn't want to drive anywhere.

Well, congrats! I didn't now they are doing parkruns so early in the year. Looking forward to join one next time I'm in London, though.

I hadn't been to a new year one before. People are so into it and the volunteers are amazing. I'm thinking there is great potential for parkrunners to get into Steem. Actifit or Exhaust could do more to promote themselves with that community.

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