So many questions about steem and tron !

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What the hell is this ?


Of course when I saw that, I thought it's a kind of a collaboration between the blockchains.

But after seeing this, I thought ''What's swaping steem ?'' :


Can somebody explain ?

Really confused !

Now I think maybe only steemit want to move to tron and all dapps will stay on it anyway.

But, some people are writing that this tron guy kind of baught steem, how it can be even possible ? Or he baught steemit maybe ?

Crazy things happening.

I don't know if that's good or not for us. Steemians are sharing everywhere the news, but are you sure that's good for steem ?

I don't know. I will ask more people if I'll not find the answwer in the comments.

I keep thinking that steem is an independent blockchain.

I hope it's the case !


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Hey @clixmoney,

My BIGGEST concern is that as the new kid on the block here, I'm concerned that somehow I'm at a disadvantage.

Am I still gonna be able to post and build my influence and such over a period of time? Or is the floor about to fall from underneath me?

I know im basically "necro-posting" at this point (2 weeks+ is like 6 months in internet time), but i have really grown to love this community! I could really make a name for myself and meet all kinds of cool people!

I'd hate for that to end.

We all started from somewhere. Just keep learning about our applications, join communities, post at least once a day, comment people and you will grow fast.

Personally I feel like Ned just laid the radiator hose to anyone who holds STEEM. #sodomyisreal

As Ned holds more Steem than any of us, I hope he has struck a beneficial deal for Steem holders. If he hasn't, he'll find it hard to avoid some of the angry whales, I know I wouldn't upset some of them, they scare me too much

What makes you think Ned cares about the whales? He probably just bought a whaling boat.. why would a whale scare you.. you think they're just gonna show up at the front door with pitch forks..

You haven't seen this?

.. why would a whale scare you.. you think they're just gonna show up at the front door with pitch forks.

Anything is possible when a lot of money is at stake. There are numerous movies and television series built around that premise.

You mess with a person's well-being (heart, wallet, etc)... those are high stakes that we're better off to just avoid outright. Emotions get the best of people at times, which is why we have non-stop new content on crime scene investigation shows and the like.

Ha! If Ned bought a whaling boat, Justin is the harpoon.

Yeah, that's really crazy thing. Despite seeing the price of steem growing so fast now and so much inveted in it in the last 24 hours, I worry.

Me too. I'm so freaking confused of it. What's going on?

Really don't know. I hope everything will be ok. As @daan said "It's better to wait when @steemitblog will write about that''.

if they do

let's hope for the best as always we did.