A small update on my presence here…


No, it is not that I find myself so important ... but I know that a few people follow me and now wonder why I no longer post daily ... (Yes, there are also people who read posts, amazing, I know, but they exist ... 😉)

Anyway, I'll keep it short, then those who don't like to read are happy too ...

3 years ago I lost my job and I can assure you that finding a new job, if you are 50+, is not really easy ... In addition, I actually did not feel like doing more of the same...
So I decided to register for a training in IT but ... again it took a long time to convince people that people over 50 still can have added value ... and then ... came covid- 19.
There were already waiting lists of 6 months, but with that whole corona another 4 months have been added ...

But ... the persistent wins! Earlier this week I received a message that I can participate in an entrance exam and if I succeed ... I can follow the training for Full Stack Developer!

Of course I want to succeed ... then I can finally make my hobby my job ...
But I will have to study very intensively and I will have little time left to post here.
The screenshot above is what I see most of the day at the moment, so I'm happy to turn off that PC at night 😊

Of course I won't be able to hold back and log in from time to time ... but it will be a lot less.
(And for those who know what I am doing here, besides this account ... that all goes further, no stress 😉 )

So guys & girls, keep on steeming and don’t forget to mention @pixelfan if you want to be sure I see your comment or post…

You liked this post?

Right you are 😉

Just follow me here to make sure you don’t miss any new work. As you can see below, you will be in good company... my 3 skinny friends are waiting for you 😉


BTW: I will not ask you to upvote my posts… deep down inside you know you have to 😉

Curious to see my other work?

Although I spend most of my time here, you can also find me in other places… just take your pick…



Bueno suerte amigo @pixelfan estudie mucho.

following doesn't mean much once you get over the hundred(s) its just like the main feed : you gotta be lucky to be in the small field-of-view at the exact right time when someone's happens to be looking at it. I quite bothering with following and being followed about 2 years ago, probably before this account got created. There used to be a little eye-con icon that showed how many times someone actually viewed (means clicked) your post ... they removed it because it was too depressing lol

i keep separate lists but i cant say i'm overly excited at a steemit that goes 20 dollarcents (where it was around $7 when i first signed up and stood over $2 for a long long time) you start 'trying' and then you start trying too hard and then you realize the fake promise of money gets you a lot less than the extra time you spend on it ... most people do it in circles

the marketeers used to call that "doing it how it should be done" ... you get yourself a nice wad of people , shake their hands regularly, praise them into heaven and everyone votes each other into heaven too

that seems to be the high-moral way of doing things (used to be) since HIVE i feel most of those have either moved out or gone low profile :)

SO ... i think the best approach is to just do what you do anyway, that makes every cent a bonus and who cares if someone likes it or not

since its what you do, right :p

@pixelfan (mentions, something else i quit bothering with probably longer than following)

its too tempting to just go looking for "what might people like" and in doing so losing the self you have when you used to do it because you did it and not in the expectation of a reward, im sure a lot of that is subconscious, which means its kinda hard to fight (brain is master after all)


and such and so

Excelente amigo @pixelfan

Good luck with your endeavors! I was a full stack developer about 15 years ago so I could imagine your efforts. . Nobody used that term at that time though, lol. Programming is constant learning...

You stopped? Or are you trying to demotivate me in a very subtle way? 😉😂

No, no, I like your enthusiasm. My IT career was just too long, I think. I gradually shifted from development to management, started working on projects that were too big and complicated, imagine to work on some for more than 3-4 years and suddenly they are not needed. Generally, when you turn back your head and look retrospectively, there is nothing that could be seen or touched after years of hard work. I just lost my motivation and interest and then I moved to another field, that you are aware of ;) The future... who knows. Everything's possible :)

BTW... does that !COFFEEA still work?

I see...
I think I could say I lost my motivation too. I was not an easy "learner", not because of a lack of intrest or intelligence, but I had a big problem with the school-systems 😉
So I started my career as a maintenance technician but rapidly ended up in sales. My last position was sales manager where I managed a team of solution sellers in the domain of domotics & IT in the healthcare sector...
And then suddenly my little world collapsed... a combination of family problems on one hand, a new general manager on the other hand and voila... no job anymore...

So, after a lot of reflections & time, I decided I would change completely. No more management functions and... doing what I like the most. And of course, if possible, making it my job...
So, back to school! But I must say that, with the years... I don't have that big problem with the school-system anymore... I suppose they adapted to me now 😁

It sounds like it was supposed to happen that way. All for the best. Moreover, with programming, there are plenty of remote jobs, probably not the best reimbursement, but it would give you freedom and no bad bosses over you ;)

coffeea Sorry, out of COFFEEA, please retry later...

Ops, I forgot the !trdo :)

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