My Journey On Reggaesteem So Far

Hello guys! I'm glad to be here again today. It's been quite a few months that I have been leveraging one of the best steem tribe platform which happens to be Reggaesteem.

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I could remember the massive love shown to me when I started on the platform and till now the love is still been showered on me. Thanks to all my fellow reggaesteem members for their love and care.

My experience so far I can say has been massive and awesome. I have been able t stake a little above 3,000 Jahm token since when I started few months ago in my alternate account @olasamuel.tribe. This is not too encouraging and this is because I have not been very active on the platform.

However, I am very dedicated to make sure that I publish at least a Jahm post on a daily basis in this new year. It is going well with me so far and I'm very determined to see this go well.

Thanks to the founders, moderators, curators and every users of reggaesteem. I'm very grateful for the love shown to me and I look forward to staking more Jahm token very soon.

Happy New Year To You All!


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020, @olasamuel!

I wish you the very same buddy

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Very good to have you here and happy you feel so well about ReggaeSteem.
I love to hear you will be active into the New Year, sharing with us some great content I am sure
Just remember to keep the quality pumping and you will be adding value by doing so

looking forward to seeing you grow


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Yup! Quality post is the goal. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes to you in the new year

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@olasamuel, Hope that this year you will accomplish your Goals successfully. Wishing you wonderful and joyful ReggaeSteem Journey too brother. Stay blessed.

Thanks for the awesome wishes. I wish you every good things of life too. God bless you real good.

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Hi, @olasamuel!

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