Earn daily power

Hello everyone hope you are all good and well today it's quite hard sometimes to get the rewards you deserve I want to try and change all that .

I've started up a curation trail on steemauto and also hive.vote if you want to follow my upvote I will add the links at the bottom of this post .

I'm going to review everyone who follows my upvote once a week and add at least two people to my upvote list as long as you produce your own original content you will get added to my upvote .

Ok that's it for now any questions please feel free to comment below if you have any spare power to delegate that would be very appreciated

Do you use steemauto ? Follow my curation trail

Do you use hive.vote ? Follow my

curation trail

I need you all to resteem this post and upvotes would be nice


okay bro Add me there I want to be there...

Please follow both the trail's first and i will check out your page properly in a few days

Resteem done

Done bro from steem auto I followed you in steem auto

Add the other one as well please