Landscapes beautiful in the hilly region

Diversified our earth and this earth and nature are created in many different forms by our Creator and this is why we thank the Creator for giving us such a beautiful nature environment.!!


All the people of our world love to enjoy the beauty of nature so people can rush to the sights of different nature of the country in time.From where the beauty of nature can be enjoyed very well and it is possible to spend some good time with loved ones or with friends.And everyone likes to spend time with the beautiful environment.!!



And in all the countries of the world there are hilly regions in hilly areas and there are some people who like to travel in the hilly areas.And travels to the mountainous regions to get to the mountainous region,And the best time to travel in the mountains is because winter is where most people go to winter in the mountainous region.Because the temperature in the hilly region is always hot, it is very difficult to travel in the hilly region and this is why people choose winter time.!!


There are two types of mountainous regions in our world, 1 dry mountainous region, 2 green mountainous terrain.However, most people in the world prefer to travel from dry mountainous areas to greener hills.Because it is more beautiful and attractive to see the mountainous areas surrounded by greenery than the dry mountainous areas.And it is a lot of fun to travel from dry mountainous regions to green hills surrounded by greenery.!!


Different types of trees are born on the top of the hill or on the slopes of the hill, and these plants can survive in short water for long years.And these kinds of trees have been coming up on the slopes of the mountains for ages and these trees are making the hills stronger and stronger.!!



Most people want to travel in the mountains, because they like to fly to the top of the mountain because the beautiful view of the mountains from the top of the hill is very good, and white clouds are seen very closely in the blue sky from the top of the hill.And looking at the other mountains, it looks like white clouds are sitting in the blue sky over the mountains.!!


When traveling in the hilly areas, there are some roads which are created by natural pressure in the mountainous areas due to the pressure of the feet of the people and these roads can be easily accessed by the hills.!!


The mountainous areas where the waterfalls are always fresh because the waterfalls in the mountainous areas always keep the trees green.Moreover, this waterfall is another interesting aspect of the hilly region and for this waterfall most people of the hill region travel.!!

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