Beautiful scenery photography in the beautiful surroundings of the mountainous region

The Creator has given us many elements in the nature of nature and since we live in nature with different privileges and this nature protects us in different ways, it is the responsibility of each of our human beings to protect this nature and preserve the beauty of nature.!!


We have most people in this world who like to travel in the mountains and love to see the beauty of the mountains and the view of the mountains on top of the mountains, so people go out in the hilly terrain.And it's nice to spend time with the beautiful nature of each person.!!


When people travel to the mountainous regions, they see many things that are naturally created in the mountainous region, and that has been the case for ages.There are some things in the hilly region that are becoming extinct day by day and some of the hills.The mountainous region is naturally extinct and some hills are extinct for human reasons.!!


Traveling over the mountains, you will find numerous stones that all the stones are on the extinction of the verge and such rocks are different all over the hills of the mountainous region.And these stones have different shapes.And the stones are naturally shaped in different forms.!!



Most people love this world in the hilly areas, and people travel to the mountainous regions of the mountain. And climb the hill, enjoy the beauty of the mountainous region, and everyone loves the spectacular views of the mountains.So people rush to see the beautiful view of the mountainous region.People who travel the mountainous regions want to get to the top of the mountain because of the view from the top of the hill can be seen very well.And looking around from the top of the mountain, only the head of the mountain can be seen. far as the eyes go.!!


There are numerous kinds of colors and numerous flowers in the hilly region because different types of trees are born naturally in the mountainous region and different types of flowers are born naturally on the top of the hill in a beautiful mountainous region, to see this blue-colored flower team.!!


In the hilly regions, numerous hills are varied, and the hills look up to the sky for ages. And there are many types of hills in the mountainous regions, such as rocky hills, limestone hills, Lalmati Hills, but the largest hills are the rocky hills that remain the same for ages. And the limestone cliffs are eroding day by day, and one time disappears. !!


Most of our people travel to this hilly region and love to see the nature of the mountainous beauty, so people go to the hilly region.And since everyone loves to see the nature of the mountain, that is why most people travel to Mountainous region to get to the top of the hill.!!


Many of us do not know their names in the natural way in the hills, so they are known as wild flowers. Such flowers are more commonly seen in the hills.


From the top of the mountain, it is very nice to see the appearance of the white clouds of the sky. Looking at the sky from the top of the mountain, it seems that the clouds of the sky are very close.And while looking at other distant mountains, white clouds of sky appear over the mountains.!!


We have two types of mountainous regions in this world, a dry mountainous region. 2 Green hills fall into the green, but most people prefer to travel to the green and fresh hills. However, the thicker mountainous areas are more attractive than the dry mountainous areas, so the people's green hills are more crowded.!



Certain types of trees are naturally born at the top of the mountain, and these trees are usually seen on the top of the mountain, and these plants can survive in small waters, so these plants are born on the mountain top.And these trees grow Very large, and from a distance it looks like these trees have shaped the mountains !!

So to this day, tomorrow I will bring you new photography and another new post. If you like my photography and my posts then of course you will vote for me.!!



Namaste @jayanti.jaya good to be linked up here on steemit and travelfeed. Where are these hills in your post? Is it in India somewhere?

My main residence in India when visiting there was Vrindavan, Mathura, outside New Delhi. It is the birth place of Sri Krishna on the Jamuna River. I go for meditation and Harinam japa.

Wishing you all the best from Julian in South Africa.

That looks like such a relaxing, fun place to be. I could spend the entire day walking around all that!

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