Ulog # 93 | Catching with fellow country & work comrade

This is a long overdue post to share... 😊

It's been all talks about social distancing 24/7 and after a while, we really need to get some interaction in person. There's only so much texting and vlog one can do in a day or week or month. Since we've been allowed to go out from our homes but still maintaining some distancing, I thought it would be nice to catch up with some friends. Moreover, it's a 4-days public holiday plus weekend break in Vietnam. I had originally planned to go back Malaysia and spend it with my families; unfortunately all plans have to be delayed till further notice.


This is me with my Malaysian friend who is also working here in Vietnam. She's in a similar position like me; family back home, working here under contract, unable to go home due to all the self-quarantine and etc. It was nice to catch up and talk in our own Malaysian English and of course Cantonese. Believe it or not, we had our lunch at McDonalds! 😆 I know it seemed strange that with so many things to eat, we chose McD; mainly because when we're back home, we always opt for our local Malaysian delicacies and fast food has never been on our list to order. I think this is my first time eating McD in the last 12 months🤔


McDonald's burger and fries has never tasted better or maybe it's just been too long. I ordered a beef burger set while my friend opt for a pork burger instead. Yeah !! There's pork burger in McDonalds, unlike in Malaysia. Now, if you can see from my photo, you'll noticed a Red Cross sign behind my drink. That's because all tables are marked for the purpose of social distancing. The red markers are on both tables and chairs which means only those without the markers are allowed for diners to seat.

It is indeed a good initiative though I doubt not many actually follow it especially if you're dining with someone else. No way two persons can sit 2 meters away from one another. It's as good as not meeting up. Anyhow, the meet up was good and we ended talking for more than 2 hours; that's what happens when we don't meet each other for a long time😁. Hopefully, it won't be long again before we have a chance to catch up.


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