Silent busy day and a cat got a rat

in The City of Neoxian3 months ago


I had a lunch at a cafeteria that I sometimes enjoy very late brunch at a reasonable price.
It was so peaceful and lazy afternoon, at least seemingly.
Few people in there, very good shiny day and no calls from my office.
But I stared at my tablet screen thinking about a variety of matters.
It was a sort of strong and continuous wind blowing inside my mind, but not bad and harmful storm.

I took a walk as I do everyday recently.
The wide shiny view made me refreshed and happy in this point of valuable time.


Late night I went out again after all my family went to sleep.
It was good to hang around, but a bit lonely.
I found a cat. She got a hold of something in her mouth. The something was dark color which may be a rat.
I have heard and read so many stories and science books that tells a cat hunt and kill a rat. But it had been a while since I looked that moment directly.
I stared at her for 5 minutes when she ran off with her rat.
It gave me a sudden cold moment and feeling that this nature is so competitive and always 24/7/365 in the struggle for existence.


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