Trip to Purple Macro World in Waste Land | Portugal


Back to the waste land that is right there next to my apartment, a piece of land with a building license that is abandoned and where pets walk in the absence of the nearest land.
The vegetation that has now taken over the surrounding area demonstrates well that the landowner does not have major construction plans for that area, so, for now we can count on this space to go for a walk or even use it as a small refuge very close to home to take some pictures.


In these times of confinement, when schools are closed and both, my wife and i are working from home, i have taken the opportunity to go out with my daughter, whenever i have a few minutes available and we usually always spend in this area, wherever she likes to venture out on her little bike, with the side wheels still helping her balance, and while she goes around, i take the opportunity and take some pictures of what i find there, as i already had the opportunity to share some plants here quite interesting that i find there.
The plant that i am going to share today was recorded in two different phases, the first on a sunny day during lunch time and with a little wind in the mix and the second phase of this registration was carried out after a few days, with rain and wind in between, on a grayer day, with reduced sun exposure compared to the first session, and for those who are attentive, you can perfectly identify which of the records were made on the respective days.

I don´t know the name of this plant, and i must confess that i didn´t search for an image in order to be able to identify it, but in fact it is not what this is about, to identify the plant, but rather the detailed record of its structure and very interesting contrasts.
I don't know how it ended up there, in the place where i found them, in the middle of dry herbs and brambles, standing out for the strong shades of purple colors.
There are many insects there, mainly bees, and it was certainly they that pollinated that land with such beauty.

My introductory thoughts about macro photography:

It's amazing how macros with their blurred background can result in such different images full of contrasts and textures especially with this kind of subjects.
In the world of photography, especially macro photography, there is a universe of things available to everyone, enabling totally different and original approaches.

Before moving onto the result...

Feel free to check some of the previous macro photography sessions with a technique short description:

Here i present the technique used through a short visual tutorial:

Among the various possible techniques to shoot macros, this is perhaps the most affordable and effective technique for those who have a camera with removable lens.
We can simply remove the lens and reverse the direction, and by using an inverter ring it ends up being more comfortable and facilitates the process.

Let's now move onto the result:















That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

All images are my property | Images © 2020 @aleister


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Thank you so much :)

Hi @aleister, I can only say: very good quality macro-photography, that allowed to see the hidden beauty of this simple flower that probably we would not notice with normal eye. The only thing is missing on the photo is bee collecting nectar :)

Thank you so much for stopping by, super glad you like it :)

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