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Yesterday i thought and even announced that with the records that i´m going to share today, this would be the last mapping session by the trail that i did on my last visit to the Couce mountains, but once again i was wrong because i could not leave out a whole series of macros that i recorded along the way with the intention of sharing some of the vegetation that can be found in this region, and so in order not to be overwhelming this post with an endless number of photos, i decided to organize it in order to highlight today's topic of the rest that will be exclusive for macro photography.





As i mentioned yesterday, today i share this house that i found in the final stage of the trail and that made me think again about the possibility and the desire to invest in a rural property, with Gerês being the place of choice for many years, having even taken advantage all trips there to go looking for land sales ads.
But despite being close, Gerês is not right here, and it was when i saw this property that i remembered that maybe the opportunity is right here where i never expected or even remembered to look.
This house is quite simple and the covered area is very small, being the outdoor area that stands out.




Although inside it is not possible to cover the entire length of the terrain, it is on the outside, taking into account the extension of the walls that limit the space that it is possible to have an idea of ​​the dimension of the terrain that accompanies the river for several meters.
All the particularities of the outer space, such as small tables and benches facing the river and ornamented with small round stones, quite possibly extracted from the river itself, or even the stone table and bench arranged in a flat area under the grape branch, the entire terrain was ornamented with small details that were now hidden under the vegetation.




We stayed there for a few moments, where we took the opportunity to have a small snack while listening to the water of the river right there, running at arm's length, and for a moment, found myself wondering what i would do there if it were all mine, all the time i could dedicate to building something that one day i could leave to my daughter, something that could remind her of her roots, not letting her forget the land that saw her born.
Today, it is thinking about the future that i think about this type of investment, and that in fact does not seem to me to be a bad investment, in the last case i can always direct that towards rural tourism: P







Still on the property and with the lens that is now on its way to Germany and that already makes me miss the records that i will not be able to do, it was possible to register in the distance, the route of a bumblebee that was flying around and was announced by loud humming of the flapping of its small wings, while entering and leaving these small bells-shaped flowers to extract the precious pollen.
When i looked around, there were a lot of bees flying around in a garden full of life, but it was time to return to the confinement and it was no longer possible to record them, but in the end i was satisfied with the result.

That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

All images are my property | Images © 2020 @aleister

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