Tip to Portonovo / Sanxenxo - Galicia | Spain


Once again I had to resort to the external disk to retrieve some memories, not very old, but on the record they are registered in 2015, and even looking like it was yesterday, 5 years have passed.
I still remember this late afternoon, spent in that place of Portonovo, a Spanish town that is located right there next to Sanxenxo, one of the best known tourist destinations in Galicia, but here, unlike Sanxenxo, everything is cheaper, starting with accommodation and ending with goods purchased from local businesses.
For anyone thinking of spending quality time in Spain, more specifically in Galicia, i recommend this place, which provides us with quality and tranquility moments away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist scene, but in 5 minutes we are in Sanxenxo, where everything happens in this region, especially for those who want a little more excitement.






On that summer, we managed to rent a small house with direct access to a fantastic beach, with a huge sandy in front of a small island.
These records were made in the late afternoon, while walking alone and taking the opportunity to explore the place.
I ended up registering a very interesting phenomenon, in which a mist literally lands on the small island, transforming the entire environment into a scenario worthy of being recorded.
From there until the sky was filled with clouds and with a sun hiding behind the valley that encloses the sand, it was an instant, and the scenery was absolutely phenomenal.




I don't have many sunset records worth mentioning, but i can highlight these as being among the best i've managed to record to date.
Only later, and already after transferring the photos from the memory card to the computer, i realized that many of the photos were registered with a mark on the lens that ended up compromising the quality of most of them, but fortunately i managed to recover these that i share today here, I hope you like it



That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

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