Importance of Steemit in My Daily Life.... ✊🕔

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This is my entry post to the contest, "Tell us about the importance of Steemit in your daily life" and hope this article would be accepted.

Why did I get involved in this Steemit platform❔❔

First of all, I would like to mention how I entered the steemit platform. It was recommended by @a-lass-wonders and I had no idea at all about this platform when he told me about this. Thereafter, I just studied it and started my journey in this STEEMIT platform with his support and guidelines. Yes, I am aware that my journey is moving forward slowly but my aim is to have a long journey indeed while it will become my second source of income further. This is my whole intention behind my involvement in this platform.

So coming back to the contest again, I totally agreed that my daily life and schedule has changed immensely after I started spending more time on this platform. It is good that all changes are positive and would like to share some points herewith.

I have started to schedule my free time in a good manner.

I am an employee and need to attend my work throughout the weekdays and my free time is limited. When I started exploring this steemit platform, I did realize the importance, benefits of this platform and I really wanted to spend more time here. So, I had no choice but to manage my free time and finally, I was able to schedule it properly.

I was able to minimize my wasting of time unnecessarily.

Continuing with the above facts, I am so happy to say that I was able to minimize the wasting of my free time and I never thought I would achieve up to this level. In fact, I was so addicted to Facebook that I did not get any benefits at all and I am so happy to mention it, currently, I do not spend more than 10 minutes on that. I spend my free time on this steemit platform happily.

Exploring new things, knowledge, experience and etc;

With my experience during the last two months on this platform, I realized that we can learn many things out of our specialized field. And, this knowledge can be used throughout our life journey in a positive way.


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It gives us extra income which is growing gradually day by day.

This is the most important advantage which I can get while exploring the steemit platform. It generates a passive income into my pocket. In the beginning, I did not even believe this when it was told by @a-lass-wonders but today I have no doubt at all.

These are the main benefits that I could gain while exploring STEEMIT and I am sure that there are many more and look forward to getting that experience further.

Thank you for organizing such an open contest and hope everyone would join with this.

Thank you for going through my article and I hope it will not be boring and you all will enjoy it.

So, I have to stop here until my next post and let's meet again with another article soon.🙆🙆

Stay safe❕❕❕ Stay alert❕❕❕

Good Luck from @dawngrapher

 2 months ago 

Lovely to read the importance of Steemit to your daily life.

Thank you for your positive response.....