The Diary game Season-3/Date:06/07/2021

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The Diary game Season-3

~train travelling.🚉 Khulna to to Alamdanga

date: 06/072021

Assalamu alaikum

Hello guys
How are you all.

I am very much in the prayers and love of everyone, how are you. I hope you are doing very well by the grace of God, today I am going to travel by train, I am studying in Khulna, I am coming from Khulna to Alamdanga, I am sitting at the station for that purpose.


As you can see I am sitting at the station, waiting for a long time, the train came for you about an hour later, I mean the train coming to my house was Russian so it was too late, after a long wait the train came then I got inside the train but before that much I waited.


I was sitting on the platform, what else can I do, I was very tired instead of love, then I saw a Chamama selling tea, I bought a cup of tea from there, I was sitting and drinking tea, my favorite tea is a lot of love.
I love to drink tea i don't know why i don't have a day off if i don't have it i feel like you know you have an imperfection.

I don't want to cut it easily, after waiting for a while, the train to return home finally arrived. Then I got on the train. And as the train started to move slowly towards home, I felt pretty good.

Where is the train running? Where is the train house? I read the poem of my childhood. I remembered seeing the train coming. I like to travel a lot. Please pray that I can do this for the rest of my life.
Missing a lot, everyone is waiting for me, let's take the train home, let's take me home. I'm very happy because I'm going home today after a long time and what fun mom cooked well and for.



Ah, what fun? I finally reached Alamdanga, then from there I have to go to again, I reached after a lot of hardships, I feel very good, I feel very happy, I am leaving slowly, everyone will pray that I can reach home,

Alhamdulillah, many thanks to Allah for taking me home well. I felt so much better, I missed everyone so much. I came home and told everyone that I was back again. Everyone was happy to see me. Everyone in the house is thinking a lot for me again and again.

Everyone loves me, everyone at home, my friends were missing me a lot, they all called me and asked me when I will come. Did you forget about us?I wish you all a very good and healthy life.

Thank you so much for reading my post❤️

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Amazing diary game post brother