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Ecuador's "Child Protective" Services: Dirección Nacional De Policía Especializada Para Niños (DINAPEN).}

What a crazy day, I just went to the airport on the back of a pickup truck to leave my grandma hiding to prevent cops from giving us a ticket on a sunny hot day (Well we did not fit all on the car!). I was thinking about this occasion in which we went to a child care service in the past with my school, then we learnt that a guy that worked in there that looked like a good person had sexually abused very young girls... I believe that this was the special turning point in which I took consciousness of this issue which is the mafia of childcare. In South America this is a huge issue, today we will talk about a BIG CASE which is Ecuador...

There have been many horrible things this organization which is the Dinapen has been picked up even in the mainstream media for, an example is the cases of sexual abuse of more or less 100 children in "education centers" (This sounds like a 1984 JoyCamp), the deaths of many children, probably some cases of suicide and other kinds of abuse (Like psychological and physical). This is incredibly ironic because these guys say that police are giving this children opportunities, while the job of the policemen is to take the freedom away from what they call "criminals" (Not law-abiding taxpayers (Slaves)). I am not surprised that in this country things in CPS are so catastrophic, as there is only one public center and it is run by power tripping psychopaths. I am sad because of the hell this children are going through, I'm afraid that most millennials nowadays can't notice how lucky they are not to be in a place like this one. There are not enough articles to dive deeper into this rabbit hole sadly, but I believe that you can have a pretty good idea of what is happening on this facilities! I hope that you have a good day or night and I am sorry I couldn't find more information... If you believe in this movement please join @familyprotection and start posting about this important topic, as I believe that this problem is sadly underestimated as children are our future... Thanks for reading this post!




Disclaimer: This is not political propaganda, I am also neither promoting the use of violence in any shape or form. For educational purposes only!