The 48 Hour Contest - What Is Your Favourite Piece Of Tech?

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Happy Monday everyone!

Is the quarantine getting to anyone?

For today's contest lets talk about the technology we use everyday. Lets be honest a lot of use check our phone more than we should. And lately it is usually to check the crypto market prices. Or maybe you spend all day on your laptop or playing that new game on the switch. In the comments I want you to share with me what your favourite piece of technology is. It can be something you personally own that you use all the time like your smart phone or it can even be something that hasn't come out that you are looking forward to. But it does have to be something that is real. We will have a scifi contest (or two) in the future so share your answers for that one.

You can write one or two words, or do a whole paragraph if you want to geek out and on about why you are such a big fan on that particular tech. And it doesn't have to be just words, feel free to take a picture of the item and share it in the comments. As I have 2 days to run this contest and am using a lot of my voting power on it I will be giving out a lot of 100% votes to people who enter the contest.

If you are new to the contests all you have to do is put enter your response in the comments and you can get a full 100% vote. It doesn't matter if you are a new member or an old one everyone is free to enter and you don't have to be an expert in the topic. This is a fun game for all users.

I don't know if I have a favourite but I spend a lot of time on my laptop so I'm going to pick that one. Oh and recently I saw a heater that also mines bitcoin, how cool is that?

Enter your response below.

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Go team!


I really want to see a safe and highly functional augmented really device.

Hello @whatageek

I spend almost all day glued to the computer, since there I read and write the posts that I publish in both platforms, I read Twitter, Discord, Telegram and once again Instagram; also I use my computer to listen to music, to see series and movies, to draw, to check the prices of the cryptos. I have a desktop PC, I don't really like laptops, I like a wide keyboard, a good mouse and a big enough screen.

Stay safe and stay strong!

There is just so much you can do on it, it really is surprising how much we use them in a day.

Yes! I never imagined I'd be so dependent on a machine ;P

 4 months ago 

Hi @whatageek

My favorite piece is definitely my computer. in fact it is my means of work, chief payroll of the university all work is via the web, as a support tool for my classes as a teacher, and undoubtedly as a fundamental piece to be able to be within Steemit and any other platform where I have some type of interaction is always my desktop computer ..

I also really like the tools and applications offered by smart phones, but unfortunately my cell phone is a very old device that does not offer many facilities, it barely has 1 GB of RAM. And RAM is the life of a smart phone.

Another one that I can mention is Television. I love to watch series at times when I can.

Greetings from Venezuela


Great article you have taken a photo of ;)

TV is a good pick too but streaming is starting to slowly take over. Hopefully the price of steem goes up and you can get a new phone.

I use my mobile phone a lot and I enjoy it. But lately, I am getting uncomfortable and think it must stop.

Yeah we can get addicted if we keep checking it.

Checking on YouTube for tech product but many hasn't come up to my own mindset of tech. Which is Teleportation. I wish scientist could Invent that already.

I don't know if we will ever have that... you would need to break down the body and put it back together and that would kill us.

I don't know if we will ever have that... you would need to break down the body and put it back together and that would kill us.

 4 months ago 

Undoubtedly, what I have used the most lately has been my old desktop computer and my cell phone, all to stay connected, talk to family members in different countries and check how the news is going.

My goodness, I wish I had known about this contest early enough and now it is late, maybe I will get to participate in the next contest, great initiative.

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