Humans of Pakistan - #1

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The story of a fascinating Baloon Seller

Pakistan has a staggering number of people under the poverty line and the divide between rich and the poor is so vast that it would take decades to repair the damage done to the country.

This is a story of a balloon seller, he was able to sell 1 balloon that day for PKR. 10, which is less than 0.07 USD (7 cents). He has his son with him and he can't go home because he can not afford to. He also cannot afford any food with PKR 10.

He decides to go to Panaah-Gaah (shelter homes initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan) with his son where he will get food for all three times along with a bed for himself and his son.

This is such a sad story not because we have a person on video, but because unfortunately there are 1000s like him who are unable to make their ends meet and they have nowhere to go.

Shelter homes in Pakistan are new, less than 2 years old, but poverty is more than 20 years old. Daily wages labor and people like the balloon seller above had no place to sleep and nothing to eat before this great initiative of the current PM of Pakistan. Other videos show that these people not only get food and beds, but the level of respect they never imagined they were worthy of, and the cleanliness they could never afford for.



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