Starting A Business With Zero Capital: Things You Can Do

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Everybody have one idea or the other to start a business of their choice but one thing is preventing them which is capital, either they have little capital or nothing at all, due to that they quit the idea without even finding way to make that dream come true. Nowadays with the power of internet it is very possible to start that business with zero capital or little capital by just doing some few things. You think it is still not possible right, read this post, note and take actions on things you can do and you will be surprise it is possible.

Here are some few things you need to do

What Do You Have

This is the first step, what you do have as an assets, which skill do you have to start a business. You have to sit down and start listing every thing down even to the little things you know you can do that can fetch you some cash to the difficult ones, can you design, snap pictures, can you create content, freelance and so on. If you can, the next thing is to think of what you can do with those skills you have that can get you started. Even the physical things you have can work for you which include your phone and your laptop. You also have internet access, that is enough. I remember those days, I have a phone and internet access and I start blogging on various platform which make me financial stable today and it even allow me to build my content creation skills. Even if you have a car or motorcycle, they are asset that can work for you, you can easy start your Uber business or O'ride.

Sell That Knowledge you Have

This is another aspect which you can do, you have that skills or you can give advice to people, People are really in need of this things. You can start your online training and teach people things you know or advice them, this things can fetch cash on long term base. You can make research with your phone and you will see various service based business you can do which include coaching, virtual assistant, home cleaning service and so on. Some of this things, we do them at home and we can also start a product based business which allow you to buy and resell, with little capital you can start that one.


This is one thing you need to take serious if you really want to start that business, you need to save, saving isn't easy but if you are determine you will be able to do it. You have start with minimizing how you spend. There are things we spend money on that we can easily do at home which include eating out (we can cook at home), go to expensive summer vacations (we can visit lesser ones) and so on, this things take lot of cash but you can minimize it. You can also work from home instead of renting a workplace. Working from come can help you a lot and cut down you expenses because you will have to furnish your workplace and even on rent.

Work For Someone

Always learn to work under someone first before starting that business so you can have experience on what you are to do or what you will be facing. Lack of experience always kill most business. That experience you gain will really go a long way especially when you face one challenge or the other.


Let me end it here, make sure you have this hustling mindset, you should be able to do any legal work which can bring you some cash, you don’t need to have the skill or be a professional before you can hustle. Don’t let anything discourage you especially lack of funds, as long as you have this focus, determination and hustling mindset, you are good to go.


Hi @valchiz
Start with zero capita, more complicated before. However, now something can be produced just by spending some time on the Internet. I have realized that there are options, many more than I thought.
You have to be very organized in order to achieve good things starting with zero capital.

Today, there are many opportunities to make money online without having to invest, and that is an advantage we should not miss... There are thousands of activities that can be done, it's a matter of finding and choosing the one that best suits our skills.

 3 months ago 

Hi @valchiz

It is well known that in some way and somewhere the captain must leave to start a company, and even the knowledge capital is not valid to start a zero-capital egoism.

Thanks friend.

If you really desire something then you should be able to to make necessary sacrifices, having the spirit to really hustle is great it might be stressful but at the end of the day you will be glad you did.

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