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RE: VERY CONCERNING NEWS: What does new BAN ON CRYPTO means for Nigerian users?

in Project HOPE4 months ago

One thing I know is that no matter their move, they can't stop people from making use of crypto currency in Nigeria because crypto have empowered lot of people including me. It is just an act of misplaced priority, they have lot of things they suppose to concentrate on but they won't.

The actually reason I saw was because of the endsar protest that happened last year where crypto was make use of after the government blocked the protest account.

Also the people in power never wish the masses well at all, they only want to be the one with the money thereby leaving the citizens to keep begging. No employment, No financial help, and the only source to get out of proverty, they want to ban it.

Also Adamu Garmba tweeted that we are making use of illegal means (crypto) to earn and invest in. It was really shocking seeing him tweeting crypto is an illegal means of earning. He even state that we all should start cattle rearing , we should start our own cattle investment instead of investing crypto.

Can you just imagine