New Rabona Game Interface (dGoal) will impact Traffic and Gamifications

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It's really been fun to learn about @dgoal yesterday as the an interface for Rabona game. Quite interesting that the game in its alpha stage is already having an additional interface to it and that means more exposure to new users as well as the possibility for more RBN token burns as ads may be soon be introduced and mpre tokens would be bought off the market.


Congratulations to @rondras and @oliverschmid for earning @mciszczon's trust to build value on Rabona game. Indeed, the dGoal dapp is a beautiful view so far even with just a few functionalities put to production and utilized. Reading @mciszczon's motivation to build dGoal is quite inspiring:

I've played Rabona for few seasons already and quite liked the game—it has got a lot of potential for growth, and with around 200 currently active players, I believe we're yet to see a major takeoff.

One of the major issues with Rabona that I have noticed is its very basic, text-based user interface which doesn't make it the easiest to accomplish many tasks. Current interface is not well suited for mobile phones as well, and that's pity—it's great to be able to log in from anywhere to check how that last match went or train your team.

After brainstorming for a moment and then discussing the matter with both Rabona developers and its most dedicated players I concluded that I'd be able to create a new interface for the game that would solve the mentioned issues, and I'd be able to accomplish that in a sensible time span.

Read that? That;s just the true team spirit we need here. Collaboration heals it all and we'll see how the contribution from Mciszczon would give a face-lift to the game and providing a seamless and more enjoyable ride in the soccer management game.

dGoal - Interface for Rabona Football Manager

Of the many improvements on dGoal compared to the Rabona native interface, I used one of its features yesterday and it was awesome. We all know how cool the notification feature could be for any app. This is just what you get with dGoal.


It was beautiful to have seen a pop up on my dashbaord after login into dGoal with Hive keyChain and there being informed that I was yet to train my players (after the 24 hour cooldown had expired) and that I didn't create a formation for the team for the next match. Perhaps , if you're an active Rabona game player, then, you'll understand how important your daily free training could be.

Things are really shaping up fast for the 26 week old game with a rather cheap $5 starter pack which has the potency of yielding $500 in 12 months time if the right team and financial management strategies are employed.

I salute this sportsmanship from Mciszczon in adding value to Rabona game and to Hive blockchain in general through this decent collaboration. dGoal looks like becoming my major interface to access Rabona at the meantime and I want to see this project scale in a few months.


Don't forget that Rabona is just an online football manager, where any user can manage a fictional football club and earn cryptocurrency - presently RBN which could eb exchanged for Hive and for Bitcoin in just a few clicks.


If this rabona game development continues to grow steadily, I see it changing the gaming world in years to come

The pace of the game's growth is quite surprising in the last 6 months. When Rabona gets to 1 year, things would be big.

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